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November 22, 2013

Nov. 22, 2013: Letters to the editor

Kokomo Tribune

---- — County’s selective enforcement of fees

The Tipton County commissioners have waived the building permit fee for Chrysler. Mr. VanBibber stated he recognized not everyone would agree and that the commissioners would “take the criticism.” How could anyone agree with this commissioners’ decision made on Monday, when last spring they wouldn’t waive the fee for a victim of the April flood damage? I am getting really tired of how these commissioners rule by the laws of “double standard” instead of the laws of Tipton County. They always seem to have an excuse for why it’s OK that they don’t follow the rules across the board.

After the April flood, a lot of people had to get building permits to fix their damaged homes. The city waived the fees because Mother Nature caused the problems. In the June 26 Tipton Tribune, there was a letter to the editor from a woman named Deanna Thompson. She explained she was a resident in the county jurisdiction and had asked for the same waiver from the county commissioners and they denied it. She wrote, “I do not understand why we have not been granted the same waiver of fees as residents of the City. If county officials feel they so desperately need the $250 fee, then we have to pay it.” She ended by writing that people should know how important their choices are when it comes to electing officials. There is no record of the commissioners having a change of heart and waiving the fee. I have to wonder how this woman feels about her fee not getting waived in a dire situation!

What’s wrong with our commissioners? They deny waiving $250 for a victim of flood damage but think nothing of waiving $21,000 for Chrysler’s permit. The last time I checked, Chrysler was enjoying record profits, while Tipton County is still pumping money into the development of that corner with still no jobs. Citizens were told last year production would start by the end of 2013, and it hasn’t. There’s no guarantee anyone from Tipton will get a job if the jobs come. The county has spent lots of our tax money on that site, and now the commissioners are waiving a fee that’s been charged to every other person or business when they build something. Getrag paid it when it was here, and that money was used up a long time ago. Chrysler should pay its way just like every other business does. That $21,000 would help offset some of the costs Tipton has spent on the site, and it’s only right that everyone is treated the same.

Someone wrote a few weeks ago that the commissioners had “a twisted sense of morals and ethics.” Why do they keep adding to the pile of mistakes they’ve made in the past instead of accepting responsibility for the protection of the county’s finances into the future?

Dan Carney