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August 6, 2013

Aug. 6, 2013: Letters to the editor

Kokomo Tribune

---- — Rise up, Americans, and save our country

Americans, it is time to put party patriotism aside and realize our country is in a crisis that surmounts party affiliation. We have a president and his press secretary, Jay Carney, telling the public that people are raising phony scandals.

First, Benghazi. Are the four Americans who were killed there phony people? This was a tragedy of unforgivable proportion, and this administration has been stonewalling Congress, which has been attempting to get to the root cause of it. Now President Obama wants the nation to consider this is just a phony incident.

We have the Department of Justice accusing a Fox News reporter of being part of an illegal deal. This is a blatant act against the constitutional right of a reporter who just reported what he had information on. The attorney general, Eric Holder, has disgraced his office by such actions. This is not the only time Eric Holder has disgraced his office.

We have the NSA spying on Americans’ telephone calls without court order. The law was designed for the government to spy on potential terrorists, but with a court order.

Now we have the IRS, beginning in 2008, investigating conservative organizations, i.e., tea party groups, stalling in giving them tax exempt status and auditing them with questions that have nothing to do with tax exemptions. Not only the tea party groups, but other conservative groups that might disagree with the president’s agenda. This also included religious institutions, i.e., Franklin Graham’s.

We have seen this administration violate the Constitution of the United States because it thinks it has not kept up with its theory of progression.

We have a serious problem with this president. His actions, being instituted by his henchmen, are destroying the America that we have grown up in. Several of us have been called by our government into military service to defend our rights and the Constitution of the United States. This president is thumbing his nose at these valuable rights instituted by our Founding Fathers. Many fellow Americans have died on foreign soil to preserve our individual rights this president is trying to take away from us.

The president calls these scandals “phony.” He is a phony president and is in way over his head to govern as a president should. His idea of being president is to campaign as he was accustomed to when he was a community organizer. His trail as a politician has produced nothing beneficial to his party or to the country as a whole. Even when he was in the Illinois legislature, he accomplished nothing. Then as he became a senator of the United States, his time was filled by campaigning for president.

Our country, as we’ve known it, is on the demise unless people rise up and discard their party affiliations and realize that everyone is in trouble with the programs this administration is attempting to employ. Obama already has used executive privilege to bypass Congress on key issues. He is on the road to bring this country to a socialist nation, which is a giant step towards dictatorship. If we are going to continue to have a two-party system in a republic form of government, Americans are going to have to get their heads out of the sand and start vocalizing their displeasure to this administration’s unconstitutional actions. If not, we will see the demise of this great country as no one has ever envisioned before.

Melvin E. Armstrong