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August 12, 2013

Aug. 12, 2013: Letters to the editor

Kokomo Tribune

---- — ‘Protect all innocent life by love and law’

What National Right To Life has done in Cleveland, Ohio, should offend everyone in the pro-life community. Disowning its Cleveland chapter for taking a stand against Republican Sen. Rob Portman’s recent support for gay marriage is appalling.

It has officially disqualified itself from defending life and family values. It has become nothing more than the pro-life arm of the Republican Party, which has done nothing to end the slaughter of 3,000 to 4,000 babies every day for the last 40 years.

Except for a complete apology to the pro-life community, and commitment to protecting every single human life by love and by law, every local chapter should separate itself from what has become an immoral organization. All contributors should find a better place to put their money. There are a few committed to protecting all innocent life.

No more exceptions, no more regulations, no more compromise. Abolish human abortion. Protect all innocent life by love and by law.

Michael J. Amatuzzo


Listen to the people and their concerns

As we push forward to put new language into the comprehensive plan for Tipton County, I would like to believe we would all stop and review what the BZA just ruled.

First, it seems to me we should take inventory and ask those with a predisposition — or, in the common term being used, conflict of interest — to recuse themselves!

Not to pick on anyone, but Mr. Mark Noble recused himself from the BZA meeting March 20. Mark is a turbine leaseholder and did the proper thing by doing this. I believe we have others on the planning board who need to look at their family ties.

With so many issues on wind energy, I would hope we send a resounding message that any further interest of wind energy in Tipton County would meet with strict rules to protect the people and the county we live in. Do they want wind energy at all?

The most important part of this is to listen to the people and their concerns, not just the ones who can make a few dollars. Tipton County started the year off between $10 million and $11 million in the black, so we are doing something right.

We need to also remember the county is looking to expand, and most leaders will tell you covering the county with wind farms is not going to do it, but finding good companies with good jobs will go a long way.

Mike Baden


‘We need to live within our means’

In response to a recent letter questioning where the county will get funds for a new jail, etc., we need to live within our means.

What would Tipton County have done if wind turbines weren’t around? We sure would have found a way to survive, but not at the expense of neighbors of leaseholders.

A commissioner went to the home of a Windfall resident who is surrounded by turbines, and he admitted it was noisy. It is so noisy, and the vibration is so bad, they have to stay inside. Is that fair? This man bought this home for his retirement (they are an older couple), and now he can’t even enjoy it for the noise and flicker. Is that fair?

It started right after they built the wind farm. It’s been almost a year now, and the problem persists. Is that fair? More than 160 complaints have not been fixed, and some are told to live with it; they cannot fix it — like television reception, cellphone reception. Is that fair? These people in the Wildcat Wind Farm are living this day in, day out, and I don’t think that is fair.

We have one wind farm. Why build more and go through the same headaches this one has caused? It will be worse because you will have 850 scattered throughout Tipton County.

This lady who wrote the letter must not care about people or neighbors.

Again, just about the money. It would be hard for me to look at my neighbors every day, knowing what I had done to them.

Shannon Baden