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April 16, 2014

Letters to the Editor: April 16, 2014

Take action on all Tipton appointments

At the time the agenda for the April 7 commissioner meeting came out, I was happy to see that the neglected commissioner board appointments were finally going to be addressed. These appointments had been in limbo for months on end.

The meeting agenda stated the following:

“9:30 a.m.: Appointments - City of Tipton Economic Development Commission, Tipton County Economic Development Commission, Library Board.”

According to the news report of the meeting, the commissioners made the appointment to the Library Board only. Once again, they failed to make the other two appointments that have now been brought to their attention publicly six times.

The auditor finally acknowledged the council’s request to put this duty of the commissioners on the agenda but even then, the commissioners failed to take action on all the appointments. With the agenda right in front of them, they still can’t even follow it.

What does it take to get these three to simply do their jobs?

Sarah Allison, Tipton


Our Constitution and the Founding Fathers

In a recent letters to the editor section under the heading “Constitution rests authority on us all,” Jerome McCollom makes several statements concerning our founding and Constitution. Statements such as:

“There is a misconception that our secular and Enlightenment-based Constitution is founded on the Bible or the Ten Commandments.”

My first question: You say that it is a misconception that our Constitution was founded on the Bible or the Ten Commandments. Yet you offer no proof or evidence that your statement is correct.

Second, you state that the Constitution is secular and enlightenment-based yet you do not explain what you mean by that.

 He also states: “OK, what are the first commandments? They include having no other gods or no graven images.

“If any of those commandments were enshrined into law, they would be a violation of the Establishment and Free Exercise clauses of the First Amendment.”

Again, these comments are no proof that the Founding Fathers did not believe in and use the Bible as reference towards the creation of the Constitution.

He states: “The Founding Fathers rested the authority of our nation on us, ‘we the people.’ No mention of a God, religion or Christianity.”

What Mr. McCollom fails to mention is that the Constitution is the document that set up our form of government and the rules and laws on how that government should be run. Think of it as the directions for how to play Monopoly. However, if you will take the time to read the Declaration of Independence, you will find that God is mentioned four times.

Again: “These aren’t the values of the Constitution. Yes, historical revisionists who wish for our great nation to be more like a theocracy will try to confuse the two, but it is clear the Bible is not a foundation for our Constitution, it is the exact opposite.”

No evidence or proof to back up his statements.

Again: “To be fair, most of the founders did believe in a deity. But those who did, did not take the values of the Bible and transfer them to the Constitution. In the time of our nation’s founding, the Enlightenment was a century old, and all the founders were children of it. John Locke had a thousand times more influence on them than Matthew or Mark. Indeed, some of the more influential thinkers of the nation’s founding such as Madison, Jefferson and Paine didn’t even believe in the doctrine of the Bible. So, we aren’t based on the Bible, at all.”

Once again no proof.

So in conclusion Mr. McCollom has written a letter with no evidence or proof to back up his statements. Are we to assume that he is correct just because he said so?

Joe Shoemaker,  Kokomo


Election is about more than just wind

What are the real issues in the primary in Tipton County? Mr. Heron has said his opponent wants to make wind the issue.

I believe Mr. Heron did by agreeing to the added waiver to the new ordinance, which took away the safety of all citizens. There was supposed to be “something with teeth” in it.

Well, that didn’t happen.

With the plan for U.S. 28 and U.S. 31, do we need a beautiful gateway to Tipton to view turbines? What is next, guided tours?

As far as Chrysler is concerned, where was your name in the Tribune article having anything to do with it?

So what will your legacy be? Wind?

This election is about more than just wind. It is about leadership and common sense. It is about representing the people of this county with the trust that our elected officials will do what is necessary to protect them from companies that want nothing but to destroy a community.

We will survive the failures of some, and be much stronger for it.

Ann Smith, Sharpsville