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November 28, 2013

Nov. 28, 2013: Letters to the editor

Kokomo Tribune

---- — Tipton County gov’t isn’t ‘for the people’

Recent news reporting indicated the Tipton County commissioners eliminated a $21,000 building permit fee for Chrysler’s new transmission factory. (Chrysler did not request it.) But they refused to eliminate a $250 fee, charged to a citizen in unincorporated Tipton County to repair a home damaged by the Cicero Creek flooding. Is this an insult on top of the injury already inflicted upon this homeowner?

It is ironic we are celebrating the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, which embraces “that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.”

Over the past year it certainly appears the “government of the people” in Tipton County no longer exists. The government described in Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address has perished. And perhaps Lincoln’s phrase can be better stated today as, “the government of corporate America, by corporate America, against the people is now the law of the land.”

I you consider most elections are funded by corporations, then officials, elected with the support of these corporations, pass laws favoring the corporations. Obviously the elected officials change existing election laws, eliminating any limits on corporate election spending. Then the elected officials appoint judges to rule in favor of all corporate laws and tax breaks.

The elected officials at all levels no longer support the requests and positions of the citizens, but turn a deaf ear to all reasoning that is not supportive of the corporations. Where is the “government for the people”?

Is the current state of government at every level a result of federal government trickle-down? Or do local-level elected officials just move up to higher levels of government to support their quests for more perks?

Is the desire for their personal, unregulated pensions, health care, salaries and future lobbying employment for corporations a “government of the people”? Has the Tipton County corporate government replaced all moral reasoning? Will the people ever be able to restore what has been lost?

Maybe the commissioners can step away from the corporate dinner table and give back the $250 fee, so that the injured citizen can have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Russell Turk


Teachers elected Ritz to ‘protect their jobs’

You had an editorial “Let’s let Ritz do her job.”

She was elected by teachers to kill vouchers and charter schools and protect their jobs.

Mr. Pence and the State Board of Education have a mission to provide the best education for students.

Max McCarthy


Kokomo can’t afford new tornado sirens?

I can’t believe a city like Kokomo does not have a tornado warning system. It can spend money on trees and flowers in the middle of streets, but it can’t afford a tornado system.

I have lived in Indian Heights for more than 50 years, and our good volunteer firemen still sound the tornado sirens.

Margaret Fakes


People, groupsjoin in city cleanup

On Saturday, Nov. 23, tornado relief efforts came together at Inventrek Technology Park and set in motion 1,275 volunteers from all over the country to assist in area cleanup. United Way of Howard County, City of Kokomo, Bridges Outreach, the Kokomo Rescue Mission, along with a network of nonprofits, businesses and faith-based organizations led the cleanup operations in neighborhoods devastated by the Nov. 17 tornado.

Inventrek Technology Park served as a hub for organizing volunteers and funneling needed manpower into neighborhoods. St. Joseph Hospital cooked and coordinated meals for more than 1,000 volunteers. The Kokomo Herald stepped up to organize area restaurants’ donations at the last minute, making the total 1,275.

Great job, everyone!

Beth Rattray

United Way