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November 29, 2013

Nov. 29, 2013: Letters to the editor

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---- — Turbine proponent misses letter’s point

Ms. Rayl’s assertion that Chrysler is in the crosshairs of industrial wind turbine opponents was a gross misrepresentation of the focus of my previous opinion letter. I can only speak for my intent and not for all those opposed to the development of wind energy.

Ms. Rayl challenged me to this: “Tell us what you’re for.” I will gladly tell you. Tipton County elected officials, paid department heads and volunteer board members need to follow the laws and ordinances of Tipton County. It’s that simple.

Chrysler is not in anyone’s “crosshairs”. It is the Tipton officials who are in my crosshairs. They are the ones who chose not to follow our own rules, procedures and ordinances, by not advising Chrysler to apply for a building permit and pay the fee like everyone else does.

If my complaint against the inept Tipton County officials over not collecting permit money due the county “sours some 850 jobs”, then those jobs were never coming anyway. Mr. Edson says his determination the building was “substantially complete” gives him the right to turn his head to everything. If my revelation that the building certainly is not substantially complete is “wasting time”, then it is not the Tipton officials who are the only ones with wrong values.

At the present time, there is absolutely no control by the county of various forms of development of our community. The plan director and the economic development director admitted they have not been on the site in all of 2013. How is the plan commission to know if any of the local ordinances are being followed?

Better yet, how in the world could the plan director make a decision that a building was substantially complete if he had not been to the site for 11 months?

If it’s not important to some people as to whether laws and ordinances are enforced, then those people should lobby for not having any rules at all. Maybe that would be better than the selective enforcement we now have with some people being made to follow the rules and not others.

Dan Carney


Appointees must take job seriously

I attended the public meeting of the Howard County Alcohol Board. It was a waste of time for all who attended, because there was no quorum and business could not be conducted.

I was appalled by the missing appointees failing to take their appointments seriously enough to attend a public meeting and wasting the time of those in attendance. The lack of a quorum provided a continuance to a license holder without a motion on their part and deprived citizens of their right to object at a publicly scheduled meeting for that purpose.

This is unsatisfactory, and the officials who appointed the missing board members need to discuss the importance of their attending public meetings.

David Wallace


‘So glad we were annexed into city’

I live in Indian Heights, and I am so glad we were annexed into the city of Kokomo.

The Street Department has done a wonderful job of trash pickup and keeping our streets clean. The extra police patrols out here have helped the traffic situation greatly. And we have a fully manned fire station just minutes away.

My taxes actually went down this year. I cannot say enough good about all that has improved Indian Heights. All I can say is thanks to everyone who voted for the annexation.

Greg Hoppes


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