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December 1, 2013

Dec. 1, 2013: Letters to the editor

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---- — CRD turbine foesnot against Chrysler

Contrary to what Anabeth Rayl wrote in her letter, the Tipton County Citizens for Responsible Development were not involved in the dispute over the waiver of a permit fee for Chrysler protested by three individual citizens, Nancy and Dan Carney and Brent Snow.

The issue was not discussed on our listserv, was not posted on our website, and no board members were present at the hearing.

The mission of the CRD is the following: “Tipton Citizens for Responsible Development, Inc. is focused on ensuring that wind development in Tipton County, Indiana, is done without harm to homeowners and supports the interests of homeowners living with existing wind farms.”

The argument presented by the Carneys and Snow was against what they believed was a violation of procedure and not against the Chrysler development. Please note the CRD board did not and does not support their position. We, the CRD and many of our supporters, are proud and grateful of the commitment Chrysler is making to our county. Our friends, our neighbors, our families and ourselves have benefited from employment with this company. Individuals who oppose turbines have differing opinions on many issues, and one should not ascribe all opinions to everyone who opposes turbines.

The CRD does not oppose night farming, hog farms or Chrysler; our only focus is on industrial wind turbines. It is unfortunate that some have been led to believe these falsehoods without speaking to anyone who is a member of CRD board. The CRD board is Jeff and Paige Hoover, Chris and Julie Rossi, Kirsten Leonard and Mark Lynn, Michelle McNabb and Imran Malik, John and Emily West, Jeff and Juanita Thomas and Eric and Beth Juliot, who are all in agreement to the content of this letter. We welcome any questions as to our motives and actions.

Our belief is that the negatives to turbines in close proximity to homes outweighs the benefit to Tipton County. Given the problems being faced by Wildcat Wind Farm residents, some of whom live as far as 1,800 feet away from the nearest turbine, it should be clear we need to tread carefully and offer full protection to the large number of residents who would be exposed to them.

The protections the CRD has campaigned for are reasonable ones. The problem is the layout of Tipton County has too many non-participants in the area where some wind proponents want turbines. Counties around the country are increasing protections for residents as more information is learned about the impact of turbines on people.

We realize some leaseholders are disappointed, but given court cases like that in Massachusetts where they have ruled that turbines did cause harm to human health, it is better to proceed with caution. The modeling and projections done by wind companies are proving to be incomplete and inaccurate in predicting noise. Let us not create more harm.

We applaud the efforts of the board of commissioners and the plan commission to act carefully and thoughtfully to protect all citizens of Tipton County.

Kirsten Leonard


Panel of physicians should create plan

Regarding recent comments on the Affordable Care Act, I’ve been noticing the terms “debacle” and “fiasco” applied in equal parts, and that is understandable, considering the way the issue has been handled by both the Democratic and Republican factions.

When health care began to shape up as an issue, it started me thinking, and a plan formed. My idea was to create a panel, not of politicians but of physicians, one Democrat, one Republican, from each state, for a total of 100 physicians. After all, what group of people are better qualified to debate medical issues than physicians? Certainly not politicians.

And considering his lack of medical expertise, President Obama is probably the least qualified to decide the issue.

Kenneth Crockett


‘Everyone came together to help’

The tornadoes of Nov. 17 were storms of great loss, but thank God there was no loss of life.

We have a lot to be thankful for.

The city of Kokomo did a great job in the aftermath of the tornadoes. I live in one of the subdivisions that was hit, and everyone came together to help.

A great big thank-you to all who helped in any way.

Linda Sweatt