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December 10, 2013

Dec. 10, 2013: Letters to the editor

Kokomo Tribune

---- — CRD members have1 issue: themselves

It took two letters to make two things apparent from the reaction to Ms. Rayl’s recent letter:

1) Mr. Carney’s biggest concern is that we should all uphold the law and;

2) The CRD (Citizens for Responsible Development) is really only focused on killing one of the few energy resources that doesn’t use fossil fuel.

Neither of these items holds any revelation. Everyone should uphold the law — in fact, most of us get that. As far as the CRD, it’s interesting to note it is a group of 14 people with a mission strangely similar to “big oil” and the Koch brothers, both of whom want to kill wind energy based solely on the threat to their bottom lines.

Putting that aside, what’s really interesting in these responses is the failure to answer the original question implied by Ms. Rayl: What development next door to your home are you for?

For all the claims about Chrysler and wind energy that both of these groups put forth, neither can seem to answer that question. I predict it will remain unanswered because, from their perspective, new development is intended for someone else’s “next door.”

It may seem “well and good” to accept the comfortable and “status quo” of our community or neighborhood. But the truth is there are urgent and huge needs for additional economic income to meet the expected budgetary requirements of our community (i.e., Cicero Creek flood control, jail construction, schools, roads). The CRD doesn’t care about the long-term economic health of the community and how services will be funded. What they care about is how development of any kind will impact them, personally.

When it comes to building something next door, few of us want to see changes to that vista, even though it may be in the community’s best interest. Critics, naysayers and jealous neighbors are around every corner. Wouldn’t it be more prudent to be open-minded and accepting of changes that benefit everyone rather than be close-minded to change in any form and gullible to those whose agenda and interests is of no benefit to anyone other than themselves?

Their name really says it all. If the Citizens for Responsible Development want us to start believing they’re only focused on wind energy, perhaps they can start by changing their name to something focused on their singular mission. The actions of the CRD supporters speak far louder than any so-called mission statement found in a letter to the editor.

Karen Tyner Adams


Look for this label: Made in the USA

Millions of dollars are spent each year on gifts, holiday decorations, clothes, toys, furniture, cookware, and just about anything else you can think of. Why not put that money to good use by buying products made in the USA?

Every dollar you spend on items made in the USA helps keep another factory open in Ohio or Illinois; helps another worker keep his job in Pennsylvania or New York; helps another family keep the lights on in Oregon or Texas or here at home.

We make fabulous stuff in Indiana. From purses to candy to vehicles, there’s bound to be something in everyone’s price range. Buying American helps keep real people in real jobs across America, and it gives you high-quality products for your family and friends. Can you think of a better holiday gift than Buying American?

Look for the label and save a few jobs in the process!

William Percy