Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

March 20, 2013

Letters to the editor - Thursday, March 21, 2013

Turbines should be put to public vote

Tipton County, do you have no shame?

What work is the county doing? The public can’t find out because minutes of the meetings aren’t ready for the public to read. Convenient! And a clear violation of the Indiana Open Door Law.

Tipton County, how many wind farms do you need at the expense of others?

The way Tipton County officials conducted the wind farm business is despicable. Is Tipton County a government for only the influential?

Public, isn’t there a way to force this to a public vote? Shouldn’t an issue this important and that has such an impact on the community be put to a public vote, to ensure the people’s voice is heard? Majority rule!

Or was that the problem?

Every person has value and the right to the pursuit of happiness! We pay taxes. Just like everyone else.

Many people sit back and play it safe. This will not go away. Everyone needs to take a stand. E.ON Wildcat Wind Farm area, this is your time to speak out!

Strong leaders, pillars of the community, step out; help your community in its time of need. Would it be political suicide? Probably! Do what’s right, not what’s popular.

Wind farms are much like car wrecks. You don’t know how bad you’re hurt until time passes. By then, the statute of limitations has run out.

Prairie Breeze is a community battle of the whole county because there are more wind farms going up. I have one going in around me, as well. On the Tipton-Howard county line, it will run for miles. This wind farm will connect the Wildcat and Prairie Breeze wind farms. Together, they will cover all of northern Tipton County.

God was taken out of schools and government, and it shows!

Community, educate yourselves before the election. Who is on the ballot, all farmers? Are they people of integrity, honor, humble, patient? Remember politicians’ and farmers’ names, and come Election Day, vote, vote, vote!

Fresh faces to ensure the people’s voices are heard. Majority rule! More importantly, as a community, forgive so the healing can begin. Because without health, there is no wealth.

Pam Shuck, Windfall

Article explains issue with school transfers

Saturday’s front page article about the proposed school transfer bill was quite informative. I now understand school districts’ hesitation to take transfer students on a first come, first served basis.

What really caught my attention in the article was the “junior” boy out at Western last year with only four high school credits. Why was he classified as a junior? Just because he’d spent three years in high school?

Did he know he wasn’t going to graduate within four years? Shouldn’t he have been with the freshmen who probably (I’m just guessing) have the same amount of credits? Will he get one of the waivers I’ve read about in order to get a diploma without the necessary credits?

Was he counseled in any way about his lack of progress? Could he have transferred to an alternative school to earn credits? Were his parents cooperative and involved? His situation concerned me, and if he’s uninterested/unmotivated, I sympathize with the school professionals trying to help him.

Roberta Hite, Kokomo