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January 15, 2014

Jan. 15, 2014: Letters to the editor

Kokomo Tribune

---- — Bill targets activists for animal rights

It amazes me when I see someone like Dr. Blacklidge use a phrase such as “We all know.” This is very similar to politicians using the phrase “The vast majority of Americans.”

Regarding his column on what he calls the ag-gag bill, let’s look a little further into his spin. What is actually involved is the use of agents of animal rights groups giving false employment information for the express purpose of gaining employment on private farms, enabling them to secretly film what the animal rights fanatics consider abuse.

This is not about protecting an employee who sees and reports abuse. Animal rights groups, including the Humane Society, are not beyond falsifying or creating abusive conditions at a privately owned business to push their goals. If I remember correctly, the Humane Society was sued by one of the large circuses for bribery of an elephant handler to falsely report abuse.

I think in reality the government’s involvement with the running of commercial food production should be adequate to protect us and the animals, while Dr. Blacklidge seems to indicate his desire for more invasion of personal property rights.

Terry Walker


Commissioners name few people to boards

At the Monday Board of Commissioners meeting, during the board appointments, Commissioner VanBibber nominated Helen Tragesser to the county plan commission. She’s Mr. Heron’s sister.

Mr. Cline wouldn’t second the motion, and Mr. Heron said he had to abstain because of his relationship, so Mrs. Tragesser didn’t get appointed.

Mr. Heron’s excuse is really contradictory because, in 2012 and 2013, he nominated and voted for his sister to be appointed to the county redevelopment commission! How come it’s OK the last two years to nominate and vote for his sister to serve on a board, but not this year?

Mr. Heron should explain his flip-flopping.

None of Mr. VanBibber’s nominees for plan commission got a second from either Cline or Heron, so the plan commission is without a full board to conduct business. Mr. Cline and Mr. Heron didn’t offer any suggestions; they just turned down all the ones offered by Mr. VanBibber.

The commissioners also didn’t name their own commissioner representative to the plan commission, so three of the nine positions on the commission are vacant. The commissioners also had four appointments they were supposed to make to the Redevelopment Commission, and they only made three.

More people should come to commissioner meetings to see firsthand how county business is conducted.

Jim Leffler