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January 24, 2014

Jan. 24, 2014: Letters to the editor

Kokomo Tribune

---- — There is povertyin Howard County

I am writing in response to WWKI-FM’s “Male Call” Jan. 21. I admit I only heard a portion of that show. I usually don’t listen to it because of the remarks I heard Tuesday.

The “Male Call” crew were in disbelief about the percentage of children receiving food vouchers. Someone had called in to report 60 percent of the Kokomo School Corp. children qualified, and that may have been a factor for not canceling school.

The crew were blown away the percentage was so high. Rude remarks were made about a dollar for a skid of ramen noodles or a large bag of beans! They couldn’t believe school might be providing the only hot meal many children would get that day.

Someone mentioned the “buddy bag” program. Let me clue you in. Those bags go home with the kids on Friday to assist with their nutrition over the weekend. Buddy bags are provided to the schools by churches and other organizations!

Then one of them found information and to correct the percentage to 68 percent of the kids qualify for food vouchers. This information really, really got them, and they were in such denial that one of the “Male Call” crew insinuated the percentage might be skewed to help get the school more funding!

Who are you people? And an even bigger question: Where do you live?

The number of people living within the poverty level is very high in this county. I would think as radio personalities, you would be more aware of what is going on here.

I do, and all I do is read the newspaper.

You obviously have never assisted with delivering Christmas boxes, filling a plate at the Rescue Mission or Urban Outreach. I advise you to go to any agency providing assistance to people here and ask them if the number has increased. Look at all the churches offering free meals.

WWKI-FM reaches many people every day. I can only hope its on-air personalities will be more informed on the topics they discuss in the future. The intelligence level for that show was too low to measure.

Sure, you will say that is what we do on the show: get people talking. I bet Journalism 101 was — get the facts!

Jeannie Townsend


What will you do, commissioner?

Mr. Heron, I would like to pose these questions to you:

Has the current wind company that we have allowed to operate in Tipton County wowed you with how it has conducted itself and its responses to complaints?

Thus far have wind turbines improved our county?

Are our roads any better than they were before they were traveled on by heavy construction vehicles and then in need of repair?

Do you believe the standard of living and the quality of life has improved for those in Wildcat Wind Farm?

Are the negative impacts occurring in the Wildcat footprint destined to be repeated for the larger group of citizens who reside in the Prairie Breeze Wind Farm footprint?

Has the county’s involvement with juwi Wind thus far given you an inkling of the county’s relationship with the company moving forward?

When you remove from consideration those directly receiving lease money, how many of your constituents are asking you for more turbines?

Are your chances of re-election better with turbines?

You may ask, what can I do, the wheels are already in motion? That is exactly what we are asking. What will you do?

Andy Wyant