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January 28, 2014

Jan. 28, 2014: Letters to the editor

Kokomo Tribune

---- — Some tips to keep your vehicle running

In early years, when Indiana winters were commonly colder, we found the following things helpful in keeping our vehicles running.

1.) Park inside a garage when possible.

2.) Otherwise, park with your radiator facing in the opposite direction of the blowing winds to prevent cold from blowing directly into your radiator.

3.) Make sure your vehicles are equipped with heavy duty batteries. Standard batteried vehicles will freeze up in extreme cold temps.

4.) To help prevent your engine from freezing up; cut out a large piece or two of a cardboard box (to cover the front of your vehicle’s grill), poke holes 2-3 inches in from the cardboard corners (for stringing old electrical wire through it, or some other strong item on hand), then use that wire to tie the cardboard to the outside of your vehicle’s front grill.

5.) Keep jumper cables in your vehicle, in the event it does freeze up. And, wait until your jumper-cable-started vehicle warms up (allowing time for such as belts to become unfrozen) before then driving.

Joyce C. Lock


Colder, were it not for global warming?

Good morning. This is your Wacky Weather program, bringing you the very latest weather news.

Wait! Breaking news: The National Weather Service has just announced that it appears the center of cold known as the North Pole has been inexplicably moved, and now is located near the town of Miami, Ind. How appropriate is that, friends? Miami, get it?

This has resulted in some strange statistics form Nome, Alaska: For the next 10 days, the highest temperature will vary from a high of 41, with rain, to a low of 19, and the lowest temperature will vary from a high of 37, to a low of 11 degrees. Notice that none of these even approaches zero.

But here’s the good news: Think of how much colder it would be in Miami, Ind., if it were not for global warming! Stay tuned.

Bill Dague


1 day, gay Hoosiers will be able to marry

As I write this letter, I am not aware of the outcome of the legislative resolution on Jan. 27 that will ban marriage equality for gays and lesbians in the state of Indiana.

Gays and lesbians will be one step closer to being discriminated against in the Indiana Constitution, when it comes to marriage, or they will not. Either way, it does not deter from the fact that one day Indiana gays and lesbians will be able to marry the person they love.

One day, the religious beliefs of some won’t be grounds to deny equality to others, when it comes to a civil marriage license.

Of course, more and more religious groups are coming to support marriage equality, every year. Now, if this vote passes, it is up to the people of Indiana to work against it in the state Senate, and if necessary, in a state referendum. Groups like Freedom Indiana will do their part to ensure that gays aren’t barred from marrying the person they love.

Elected officials, like Sen. Jim Buck, need to know that Hoosiers don’t support treating their gay friends and family unequal before the law.

Jerome McCollom