Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

October 16, 2012

Letters to the editor - Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2012

No better leader to guide Indiana

In today’s political discourse, where talking heads abound and relentlessly engage in self-promotion disguised as analysis, it is easy to forget that our free American elections remain a model for the rest of the world. Indeed, it is easy to forget that elections matter.

For Indiana in 2012, after eight years of Gov. Daniels’ leadership, this election marks the beginning of a transition that will define what kind of state we want to be in the decades ahead. I can think of no better leader to guide us than Mike Pence, the Republican nominee for governor.

Three words come to mind when I am asked to describe Mike: principled, sincere and decent. These are attributes in a leader that, when combined with vision, predict an ability to set an agenda, bring people together and get things done.

As part of his campaign, Mike has talked about building an even better Indiana. He has introduced his “Roadmap for Indiana,” complete with a mission statement and six goals. Its central theme is “to make Indiana the state that works.”

Focused on private sector job growth, education, and the health and safety of Hoosiers, he outlines for every voter what to expect when we elect him as our 50th governor.

Indiana has been fortunate that for eight years we’ve seen unprecedented progress. Keeping that going will not be a simple undertaking, but I have known Mike Pence for more than three decades, and he is deeply committed to his faith, family, state and country.

He has prepared well for the job that lies ahead, and I encourage all Hoosiers to place their trust in him with their vote on Nov. 6.

Murray Clark, Former chairman of Indiana GOP

Bring troops home; we have jobs here

I hear people talk as to why we don’t bring our soldiers home. Many of us want this to happen now. Why leave them there in harm’s way?

Some say the people in power don’t want them to come home, for many will leave the service and there will be no jobs for them and, thus, raise the unemployment level. We don’t want that, they say.

Well, let me tell you a thing or two about how we put them to work and continue working for the country.

Our government is already paying them, so bring them home now and put them to work on America.

America’s infrastructure is falling down. Our bridges and roads are falling apart.

Most if not all of our troops would jump at the chance to come home to their families and friends.

They can stay in the service, receive pay, have a job and still be ready to serve our country if a true threat arises to our beloved America, instead of one made up such as Iraq.

Yes, Afghanistan was real, but we are done there. Bring our people home. Give them tools to help repair bridges and movers to help with the infrastructure.

The Army has many men skilled in road construction. They can build a bridge that they are already trained for. Our mess sergeants and cooks can feed them. Nurses can care for those who get hurt. I could write this list forever.

We have some of the most skilled people in the world at our beckoned call to serve us here at home and not be killed by a bunch of fools who don’t like us anyway. Why can’t these so-called smart people think of these things instead of a common old man like me?

Bring our troops home. We have jobs for them here.

Jim Butler, Kokomo

Vote a straight Republican ticket

We have an exceptional team of qualified Republican candidates on the ballot this year. Our candidates across the many offices are anxious to get to work to make our nation, our state and Howard County exceptional.

I hope that when you go to vote, you will consider voting a straight Republican ticket. We need to make a strong statement in this election cycle to those that would try to veer us off the course our founding fathers set for us.

The Constitution is and should always be our guide on the direction we want our government to take. Please take time on Nov. 6 to exercise your privilege to vote.

Linda Koontz, Kokomo