Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

October 24, 2012

Letters to the editor - Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012

Kokomo — Why won’t police enforce speed limit?

One night, after writing all my bills, I decided to take them to the post office that night. I drove down Center Road East to the bypass and turned at the light. I accelerated up to 45 and hit my cruise button, but my foot was still on the accelerator.

When I noticed I was doing almost 50, I took my foot off and let it come down to 45 and left it there. Well, would you believe a cop stopped me and gave me a ticket for doing 50?

I am sick and tired of all these drivers being in such a big hurry that they have to drive 10-15 mph over the speed limit. I drive down the bypass at 45, and you should see the cars and trucks that go whizzing by me.

I pulled out of my house and drove 30 mph, and someone passed me in town and went out of town before I was halfway there.

The same on all the other streets. On Washington it is 35, and I had my cruise on that speed and everyone was passing me.

Where are the cops supposed to be? I never see any on the streets. But people are in such a hurry, they just don’t pay attention to the speed signs.

By the way, the bypass from Alto Road to Center Road is supposed to be 45 mph, not 50-60, and they think this is an open highway? From Center Road to Ind. 26, they drive as fast as 60.

Steve Lee, Kokomo

Ortman understands issues facing county

We are writing in support of Stan Ortman in his re-election bid for a seat on the Howard County Council.

Stan is committed to representing the citizens of Howard County in an honest and fiscally responsible manner. Stan has served our community not only on the county council, but on the Northwestern School Board, Kokomo-Howard County Public Library Board and on the Greater Kokomo Economic Development Alliance.

As a life-long Howard County resident, businessman and father, Stan truly understands the issues facing the citizens and taxpayers of Howard County. We are confident he will continue to work hard to represent the best interests of the residents in this fine community if re-elected.

We encourage you to exercise your right to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6, and ask for your support of Stan Ortman for Howard County Council.

Mary & Andy Baker, Kokomo

Man chooses to live as person who’s gay

Timothy Kurek is a young man from Nashville, Tenn. He grew up in a very religious, Christian fundamentalist home – a home where gays were despised or demonized.

He decided to spend a year being gay. He didn’t become gay. He became the first person who did what religious fundamentalists always say about gays.

He chose to be gay. Well, at least he chose to live a year as someone who is gay.

He came out to his mother, who didn’t take it well. He pretended to date a gay friend. He went to gay bars.

He stated that he danced with a man at a gay disco who was very frisky, and he wanted to beat the guy up. But over time, he changed.

He joined a gay softball team. He became a different man. No, still not gay, but more understanding of gays.

When someone called him and his fellow softball teammates a hateful term, he was so angry he had to be held back. He broke into tears.

He had experienced what gay men have to live through. Gay men aren’t out bashing heterosexuals. But those who are hostile to gays often think it is perfectly fine to do just that to those different from them.

Kurek has written a book about his experiences, entitled “The Cross in the Closet”. I wish there were more people who experienced a year of living as a gay man or woman, like this man. Maybe then they won’t be so quick to despise someone because they are different.

Donna Libstrom, Kokomo