Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

September 7, 2012

Letters to the editor - Friday, Sept. 7, 2012

For the Kokomo Tribune

City, county should make Center safer

The 2 mile stretch of Center Road between Dixon Road and U.S. 31, on the south side of Kokomo, is an accident waiting to happen.

It is a very heavily traveled road. It is very narrow, has no shoulder and is in terrible condition. There are several housing areas and an apartment complex along this stretch.

This road should have a bicycle lane or at least a very wide shoulder when it is repaved, which needs immediate attention. One mile of it is along the south side of Jackson Morrow Park, which would make this section very easy to make a bike path, or extend the walking path around the south side or at least make a wide shoulder.

I travel this road a lot, and I see kids walking, bicycling and even skateboarding over to the park. Jackson Morrow is a very nice park, but kids have no safe access to the park from the east, west or south.

Center Road could be a very nice road, as it already has a nice roundabout. I go 2 miles out of my way to avoid this road at night or if it is raining.

Also, if you are going east and approaching U.S. 31, it is very hard to tell which lane goes straight. There is one arrow painted on the road telling you which lane turns left and which lane goes straight, but if there is one car ahead of you (and there is usually several), you cannot see the arrows.

I see cars all the time that want to go straight, but they get in the turn lane because they cannot see the lane arrows. It would be very easy to put signs above the road on wires that show the straight lane and the turn lanes. My wife and I have both called the highway department on this to no avail.

Also, it would help greatly if there were three lanes approaching U.S. 31 from the west: a left turn lane, a straight lane and a right turn lane.

This is a very congested area with business entry on both sides. This would help with the traffic going in and out of Cone Palace and cars trying to get on Center Road from Centerline Drive.

I believe this should be a high priority project for the city, the county highway department and the parks department. Upgrading this road would be very beneficial to the improvement and safety of Kokomo. I would like to hear more suggestions and comments on this situation.

Jack Downs


Romney’s record is anti-Christian

Very soon we will be going to the polls to elect the next president of the United States. We’ve been told we really only have two viable choices. I submit to you that is not true!

If there were no God, you might convince me that was true, but there is a God. I submit to you that the two choices we have been given deny the Almighty.

I know what Republican politicians and pundits are saying about Mitt Romney, and I watched the very emotional Republican National Convention, but what keeps getting swept under the carpet is Mitt Romney’s record.

The laws he passed in Massachusetts for abortion and gay rights, President Obama could only dream of passing. Mitt Romney has never said that he regrets those decisions. In fact, he still boasts of his record in Massachusetts.

So I have one question for my fellow Americans and Christians: What is worse, an Obama presidency or millions of Christians voting for a mass murderer?

Michael J. Amatuzzo