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August 30, 2013

Aug. 30, 2013: Letters to the editor

Kokomo Tribune

---- — Letters on turbines are often ridiculous

I think the parents of Northwestern Schools students should be alarmed. The industrial wind electric generator is causing problems and disrupting many events at the school, since it is within 5 miles of the school.

The quarterbacks at the football games are having problems with their signals not being heard. The basketball games are disrupted by the flicker, and many shots are going awry. The cross country runners are getting confused and lost in their races. Girls volleyball games are disrupted with players getting hung up in the nets because of the flutter.

The schools’ academic ratings will go down, since the turbine has caused problems with the ISTEP tests, and scores will probably drop by 30 points due to noise and flicker. Students will take at least five years to pass the third-grade reading tests and possibly be blinded from the effects of the the turbines. The school will probably have to hire at least one more nurse to handle all the students getting dizzy and nauseous from those infernal machines. Maybe we need to outlaw them entirely before they make us all a nation of deaf dolts.

Of course this is all tongue-in-cheek, but some of the other letters about the wind turbines are almost as ridiculous.

I am sure there are some problems, but also sure they are not as extreme as some are saying. The turbines have not caused global warming or a civil war in Syria, but these are about the only tragedies they have not been blamed for.

Let’s move on to something else. They are here to stay, and the topic is getting a little stale. There surely are other subjects to write about for letters to the editor.

John Wilson


The Postal Serviceis making a profit

My grandfather taught me a valuable lesson when I was younger. He taught me that figures don’t lie!

That’s right, the Postal Service actually earned a $660 million operating profit during the third fiscal quarter of 2013 and has earned a $330 million operating profit for the entire fiscal year.

Revenue is up and expenses are down, which is a good sign the business is headed in the right direction. Operating revenue grew by 3.6 percent in the third quarter, with its package business growing by 8.8 percent.

The Postal Service is in much better financial shape than advocates of a slash-and-shrink approach to Postal Service “reform” care to admit.

In 2006, Congress enacted an onerous law that required the Postal Service to pre-fund retiree health care for the next 75 years in a 10-year period. This single mandate of $5.5 billion per year is crippling the Postal Service. This is a manufactured crisis that Congress created and Congress can fix it!

No other federal agency pre-funds retiree health care a single cent! The Postal Service currently has more than $49 billion in the pre-fund account. Eighty percent of the red ink is directly linked to this onerous mandate! Congress broke it and Congress can fix it!

Ronnie Roush


Tipton BZA president stuck to procedure

As the BZA meeting was brought to order at the Tipton High School Wednesday night, it became quite apparent with the first question from BZA board president, Mr. Jerry Acres, to juwi Wind and its attorneys that juwi and its representation came with an agenda.

This agenda was not to deliver a property value guarantee package, to be considered by the BZA board, but to attempt to rehash the July 31 meeting or try to discredit the BZA board for litigation purposes.

Mr. Acres stood on procedure, even while feeble attempts were thrown at him and the board. The sad truth, in my opinion, is the real losers in this mockery performed by juwi and the leaseholders’ lawyer were the citizens of Tipton County. What a waste of time and resources!

Again I ask you, the citizens, is this the type of action and behavior you want of a company that is asking to do business with you? If its arrogance is of this level now while trying to impress to gain access to our county, can you imagine what would follow if it was granted business here?

Whichever side of the fence you are on as it pertains to this issue, you as a taxpaying citizen should be outraged by the circus performance by this company at our expense last evening. I can say this to all who ask: Your BZA board, headed by Mr. Acres, stuck to procedure with integrity, which is certainly more than can be said of the juwi-and-leaseholder side of the issue.

Mike Baden