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November 15, 2013

Nov. 15, 2013: Letters to the editor

Kokomo Tribune

---- — City ‘a better place because of Bob Lee’

I still remember the first black person I shook hands with. I was grown and in the Air Force. It wasn’t because I tried to avoid it, but the opportunity had never come up before then. We lived on one side of town, and the black people lived on the other.

I met the Rev. Bob Lee about 20 years ago when he was volunteering as a police chaplain. In that capacity he usually saw people during the worst moments of their lives, and what he brought with him was a message of hope and comfort. Through his example of compassion, understanding and faith, Rev. Lee inspired people to keep going, even in the face of the most tragic situations.

In less than my lifetime, we have gone from a country that officially sanctioned segregation to one in which it is universally condemned. The courts changed the law, but it was men like Rev. Lee who broke down the color barriers. Men who quietly but powerfully made examples of their outstanding character.

Our town is a better place today because of Bob Lee.

Tom Kelley


Some observations about gay marriage

Some, not all, homosexuals say they had no choice — they were born this way. If that is so, the Bible would not speak against it, would it?

Governments — our government at least — exists to provide rights received from God, even the right to reject him and his plan. If a woman wants to marry another woman, or a man wants to marry a man, the government must allow it and provide them all of the rights and services due to every citizen, even though the government does not advocate or encourage such activity.

If a citizen chooses to reject God, the government must sustain that right.

A mark of how honest an activity is would be how it affects creation if everyone did it. If all women married women and all men married men, that would mean the collapse of civilization, mankind, creation — whatever you want to call it — at least as we know it, as it has been handed down to us.

If all of us doing such a thing could mean that to creation, how can it be called “right” if even two of us do it?

Jeff Hatton


Does permit process sound right to you?

News bulletin:

Cutting-edge, German-based business eyes Tipton County.

Purports to bring $300 million into the county to save it.

Requires 10-year pass on local taxes and more of your federal tax dollars as a credit to operate in the black.

This business will operate at an average 20 percent efficiency.

Agricultural community will be rezoned “industrial.”

Does this sound right to you?

Andrew Wyant