Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

October 10, 2012

Letters to the editor - Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2012

Obama can’t handle job of president

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a commander-in-chief who accepted even the least bit of responsibility? After Romney’s awesome performance and the lackluster showing by Obama, couldn’t the president, like an athlete, say he had a bad performance but will try harder next time?

Not this guy. I heard excuse after excuse but never any acceptance of responsibility.

Al Gore blamed the altitude. Axelrod, BO’s adviser, blamed a lying Romney, who threw Obama off his game. Others claimed Romney cheated with a crib sheet in a hankie, or was it Obama’s daughter going out on a date, or something happening in the world we’ve yet to hear about.

Maybe he was so giddy about the bogus unemployment numbers, he thought he could phone in his debate performance. What it showed me is this man is not able to multi-task or deal with the responsibility of his office.

Obama last December told Barbara Walters what he needed to change the most was a trait of laziness in him. He remembered how nice it was in Hawaii when he could drop everything and go to the beach. Obama’s book even added more – how his friends and he liked to smoke some weed while they watched the surf.

Reagan liked to chop wood, Bush 43 liked to work at his ranch, and Obama likes to play golf. A little golf is a good diversion, but that debate performance showed me and hopefully a lot of other Americans what his priorities are, and doing his job is not a high priority for this president.

For all the time he has spent campaigning, almost four straight years, and for someone with the title of brightest and most savvy politician, how could he trip over himself so badly? Maybe deep down he doesn’t want the job and would prefer to run around like Bill Clinton.

Let’s help him with that wish. Don’t waste a vote on someone who started with no experience and last Wednesday proved he has learned little.

Mike Moran, Kokomo

Mourdock’s decisions inspire no confidence

Sunday’s Public Eye column mentioned Mr. Mourdock had the state purchase the Chrysler bonds because “he hoped to make a quick killing ...”.

Isn’t the expected standard for government treasurers that they make only safe investments protecting our tax dollars? Playing “bond market speculator” looking for a “quick killing” does not suggest Mr. Mourdock was committed to protecting our tax dollars.

Was he speculating because he was “sold the Brooklyn Bridge” by his Wall Street friends; was he trying to make a large profit so he could brag about it during his run for Senate? None of these possibilities inspires much confidence in his decision making.  

Glen Boise, Kokomo

Will democracy win, or money prevail?

Money has taken over our government, and money wants more.

Money has distorted our laws to benefit itself (money). Some want to let money have more by privatizing (selling off) the Postal Service, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and even the Indiana Lottery.

Our government (democracy) worked well over the decades, becoming the powerhouse of the world until money took over and started calling the shots. Money holds private meetings with our politicians and judges, hosted by the Koch brothers.

Money has purchased our Supreme Court. Citizens United is proof of corruption in our highest court; per Mitt Romney, “Corporations are people, my friend,” and money is free speech.

Money wants to give more money to money – tax breaks for the wealthy, privatize (sell off) our democracy, cut benefits to seniors, the disabled, the poor and middle class. Money will get rid of unions and eliminate public sector jobs: police, firefighters, teachers, federal workers, state workers and city workers. No one paid with tax dollars will be exempt from the chopping block.

Romney, a vulture capitalist who by his own admission wants to give more money to money, cut the deficit (your jobs and benefits) and deregulate the banks and health care industry. (Deregulation got us in this mess in the first place.)

We can either let money become king of the United States, or vote to put a stop to the money onslaught and vote for the exact opposite of King Money.

Choose continued democracy: Obama, Biden, Donnelly, Gregg.

Larry Brooks, Kokomo