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May 26, 2013

Question Time: Memorial Day edition

Who will you be remembering this holiday weekend?

By Rob Burgess
Tribune night editor

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To many, Memorial Day simply means barbecues and an extended weekend to mark the beginning of the summer vacation season. In fact, there’s a reason for the season, as it were. With that in mind, we asked you to consider the following question:

“Memorial Day is meant to commemorate the sacrifices of those who perished while serving in the armed forces. Do you have a specific veteran in mind who you’ll be remembering?”

Your answers

“My grandfathers and great-uncles that served in World War II, and Ricky Jones who Kokomo lost at the beginning of the war on terror.” - Brianna Nichol Young

“Joe Glassburn. He was the first person I personally knew that was killed in the Vietnam War. [He was] from southern Miami County near Waupecong.” – Jody Hostetler Tyler

“Sgt. Bradley W. Atwell, my brother! USMC” – Erin Atwell

“We are having a family and friends get together. The guest of honor will be our son, Bryce Harlan, who serves in the U.S. Marine Corps. We will remember many family members and friends who have served, some who gave their lives.” – Carolyn Harlan

Our answers

“I will certainly be thinking about my great-uncle Harold Fletcher. Harold was a Korean War veteran who passed away a few years ago. He was a POW for a time in the war and suffered through a lot of hardship, as did his wife. I have a shell from his funeral on my desk as a remainder of his service and his life. Harold also was the reason I became a Chicago Cub fan. He was a big Cardinal fan and always badmouthed the Cubbies. So, I started rooting for the Cubs. I remember watching those games with him as a kid. Thanks, Harold, for the memories.” – Mike Fletcher

“Though my grandfather, a World War II pilot, lived to a ripe old age, his actions in the service were nothing short of heroic and could easily have led to his early demise. If that had been the case, my mother and myself would not be here. He shared his stories with his family before he perished and for that knowledge, we are all grateful.” – Jill Bond

“I don’t have anyone specific but every year my thoughts are always on those who never made it home and never had a proper burial. I can’t imagine the pain the families must feel first losing their loved one and then not having that closure. It is heartbreaking.” - Charlene Woodruff

“I have many friends and family members who have served in the armed forces. Thankfully, none of them have died while in combat. As someone who avoids pain and actively fears death, anyone who is willing to put their own life in jeopardy to fight for something they believe in has my respect.” – Rob Burgess

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