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December 4, 2013

Library celebrating long beards and banana puddin'

KHCPL will host its first-ever 'Duck Dynasty' night next month.

By Lindsey Ziliak Kokomo Tribune
Kokomo Tribune

---- — The Kokomo-Howard County Public Library is celebrating long beards, banana puddin’ and all things camouflage next month.

It will be hosting its first ever “Duck Dynasty” night Jan. 3. during First Friday in downtown Kokomo. It will pay homage to the reality show with a cult-like following.

The message behind the celebration is simple: the library is more than just a warehouse for books.

“It can be a place of fun and community,” said library spokeswoman Lisa Fipps. “It can be a place to hang out. The library is so much more than you thought it was.”

Fipps encourages men to start growing their beards now for the character look-alike contest. Women and children, have no fear. You can participate in the character contest, too.

“You don’t necessarily have to grow a beard,” she said. “You can make one, too.”

Dress up like Willie, Jase, Phil or Si – the show’s main characters, known for their long, scraggly beards. It’s not just about the look, though. Fipps said judges will be searching for people who personify the characters they’re playing.

Si, for example, is the goofy Vietnam vet always telling stories at work and inadvertently mixing his words up, Fipps said.

He drinks about two gallons of sweet tea a day and only uses a blue cup that was sent to him in a care package while he was in Vietnam.

Participants better know their characters inside and out because the contest will include a random trivia question from the judges.

Dressed up as Phil? It might help to know that he was drafted into the NFL, but turned it down because it interfered with duck season.

The library will honor Miss Kay, the matriarch in the show, by hosting a cook-off.

“She cooks all the weird things the guys catch, like beaver,” Fipps said. “But everyone loves her banana puddin’.”

Since that’s what she’s most known for, the library is challenging families to make their best batch of the dessert.

Any recipe can be used as long as it contains fresh or frozen bananas and not just banana flavoring.

There will be “Si-isms” and “Duck Dynasty” trivia, and no “Duck Dynasty” night would be complete without a duck hunt, Fipps said.

Staff will number and then hide dozens of rubber ducks on all three floors of the library for children to find.

There will be a deer blind for children to explore. Plus, hunting and fishing expert Bud Fields will provide tips for ice fishing and will talk about the art of using camouflage, how to hide human scent when hunting and how to effectively use deer calls.

Fipps is expecting people to pack the house for this outreach event.

“The ‘Duck Dynasty’ fans come out of the closet,” she said, with a laugh. “It’s a fun, silly, guilty pleasure. It’s a family-oriented show. I think that’s really the draw.”

Lindsey Ziliak, Tribune Life & Style editor, can be reached at 765-454-8585, at lindsey.ziliak@kokomotribune.com or via Twitter @LindseyZiliak.

RULES OF THE GAME 'Duck Dynasty Star' Look-a-Like Contest Rules Do you look like and/or act like one of the four main "Duck Dynasty" stars (Phil, Willie, Jase, or Si)? Then enter the "Duck Dynasty" Star Look-a-Like Contest. Sign-up starts at 5:30 p.m. Jan. 3 on the second floor of KHCPL Main. It's open to all ages and genders. Judging will be based on whether you look like the character, act like the character and can answer the judge's question (which would earn you 25 bonus points). Each participant will receive 10 bonus points if he/she has and presents an up-to-date KHCPL or PLAC card at registration. In the event of a tie, the person with the highest score for "looks like character" wins. The first place prize is a set of four bobbleheads featuring Phil, Willie, Jase and Si. The second winner will receive a set of three DVDs featuring the first three seasons of the show. The third place prize is a "Si tea cup" and a "Happy, Happy, Happy" coffee mug. Banana Puddin' Cook-off Rules The cook-off is open to anyone ages 13 and older. You can use any recipe or create your own. However, it must contain fresh or frozen bananas, not just banana flavoring. The banana puddin' must be in a 9 x 13 container so that we can have some leftover to serve as samples for the public. KHCPL will accept entries starting at 5:30 p.m. Jan. 3 near the Art Gallery on the lower level. All entries must be received by 6:30 p.m. Judges will consider taste and appearance. Each participant will receive 10 bonus points if he/she has and presents an up-to-date KHCPL or PLAC card at registration. In the event of a tie, the person with the highest score for taste wins. Ivy Tech is providing the trophies. Si-isms and 'Duck Dynasty' Trivia Contest A Si-ism is a funny saying Si has made during one of the TV show episodes, usually when he gets his words or phrases mixed up. Or maybe because that's just how Si thinks, Jack! Test your "Duck Dynasty" knowledge by participating in a trivia contest and find out how much you really know about the show. It's open to all ages. You can fill out the form anytime between 5:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Jan. 3. Forms will be available near the Hero Tree on the first floor. You receive one point for each correct answer. If the handwriting is not legible, you will not receive a point. The use of a cell phone, laptop, other electronic devices, or written materials to find the answers is prohibited. The winner will receive a 2014 Si calendar. Rubber Duckie Hunt We will number and then hide dozens of rubber duckies on all three floors of KHCPL Main. Duck hunting season will start at 5:30 p.m. Jan. 3 and is open to everyone. Limit one duck per person. You can keep the duck you find. The person with the duck that has the chosen number on the bottom wins the "Duck Dynasty" board game. For all the contests and the hunt, all decisions made by the judges are final. The winners for ALL the contests will be announced and prizes awarded starting at 7:30 p.m. Jan. 3. You MUST be present to win. Since it'll still be the holiday time, we know you may have out-of-town guests and we want them to feel welcome to participate. Therefore, you do not have to live in the KHCPL taxing district to enter any of the contests or the hunt. Anyone with questions should call Director of Marketing Lisa Fipps at 765-626-0807.