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January 26, 2014

Question Time: Who is your Super Bowl pick?

Who do you have winning Feb. 2?

By Rob Burgess
Tribune night editor

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On Sunday, Super Bowl XLVII is set to kick off at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. when the American Football Conference champion Denver Broncos take on the National Football Conference champion Seattle Seahawks. It’s the first Super Bowl to be played outdoors in cold weather. So, we wanted to know: “Super Bowl: Seahawks or Broncos? Who do you have winning, and why?” We’ve changed the Question Time format yet again to allow for more answers. However, it should be noted the answers listed below under the Seahawks were the only votes we could find in their favor. There were dozens and dozens more votes for the Broncos.


“Seahawks! Because they don’t have a has-been quarterback!” — Nicole Lucas

“Seahawks. I like Russell Wilson.” — Lennie Wynn Russell

“Seahawks because Peyton deserves another ring, but not with someone other than the COLTS.” — Nicole and Jimmy Sullivan

“Seahawks.” — Angie Young Schwarzkopf

“Seahawks!!!!!!” — Rhonda Huskins Thomas

“Seahawks because Manning is famous for choking.” — Steve Browning


“Broncos! Because Peyton is the best.” — Joy Smith Jackson

“Broncos! They have Peyton!” — Laurie Dennis Gentry

“The Denvernapolis Broncolts will win.” — Jason Whitenight

“Broncos. More experience in Super Bowl by Manning than Wilson. I see Russell buckling under the pressure.” — Charles M. Pitner

“I’d like to see Peyton get one more ring. I was counting on the Pats, so now Peyton.” — Linda Eckels

“Broncos because Peyton is humble and his team deserves to win the way he executes the offense. His professionalism on and off the field is remarkable to me. Go Broncos!” — Brittiani Gillem


“Everyone is a winner to me!” — Wesley Pitzer

“Used to live in Washington state, but who doesn’t wish Peyton the best? So it’s a win-win for me.” — Amy Crume

“Guaranteed to be the most mellow after party whoever wins.” — Matthew Patton

Our answers

“Broncos. Experience over youth will prevail.” — Robin Harper

“Broncos. Would love to see Payton Manning win another Super Bowl ring!” — Nancy Barth

“Broncos because their defense is being overlooked. Manning in snow is better than Wilson in snow.” — Dan Trout

“Broncos all the way. I liked to see Peyton win one more and go out in style like John Elway did when he retired after winning the Super Bowl. And, I’m not a Pete Carroll fan. He cheated the rules [at the University of Southern California] and had several players suspended for drugs last year for the Seahawks. Classless. Go Broncos.” — Mike Fletcher

“Broncos. The Seahawks have trouble scoring and Denver’s defense held the Bradys down for about three quarters. Seattle’s defense is very stout, but I’d have trouble imagining them holding the Mannings to less than mid-20’s in points. And I can easily imagine Seattle not getting up to the 20’s.” — Pedro Velazco

“First, it amuses me to no end that 2014 saw the first two states legalize marijuana for recreational use: Washington and Colorado. And who do we have playing in the Super Bowl this year? Washington and Colorado. Hysterical. I don’t what it says, but I find it funny. Anyway, I don’t generally have a good reason to pick who I’d like to win as I don’t follow sports that closely. (READ: At all.) I will say I’ve always like the Seahawks’ uniforms as blue and green are two of my favorite colors. I’ve never had a problem with Peyton Manning and far be it from me to root against him. I figure it’s easier to go along with the crowd in situations like this anyway. So, go Broncos.” — Rob Burgess

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