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June 16, 2013

Question Time: Summer rewind

Which summer from your past would you relive?

By Rob Burgess
Tribune night editor

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As summer officially starts Friday, we thought it might be fun to think back to previous years.

“If you could relive one summer from your past over again, which one would it be and why?”

Your answers

“The summer when I was 12 my family went to Albuquerque to visit some family. On the way we stopped in Missouri at Silver Dollar City, Meramac Caverns  and such in the Ozarks. Plus, we stopped at just about every little place of interest my father happened to spot. He would say, ‘Sheryl, remember that billboard. We'll go there on the way back.’ I did my best! We were gone two or three weeks, I think. It was our only big family trip. I would so love to do it again. We had a such wonderful time!” - Sheryl Hamilton Jeffries

“I would say the summer I was 4. I worked side by side with my Grandpa Bob Ross raising a pig that I showed in 4-H later that summer. I loved anything that gave me the chance to be side by side with him. He was a best friend, and taught me so much about life. Although he has been gone for 13 years and that summer was 26 years ago I can still remember that summer like yesterday.” - Sarah Pitzer

“The summer my hubby and I took all of our babies to Michigan. It was just perfect.” - Selena Waldman

Our answers

“I would relive the summer of 2008. My son joined the Marines and left for boot camp about a month after high school graduation that year so we had a little time to spend together that summer. I appreciated the time I had with him, but I didn't realize just how much I would look back on it or how little I would see him once he was gone. He has since signed up for another four years, got married and has four kids and they live far away. I rarely get to see them. I would love to have another summer with just the two of us again. (Makes me tear up just thinking about it.)” - Charlene Woodruff

“If I could relive one summer of my life, it would be the summer before my grandma died. I would give anything to spend more time with her.” - Jessie Hellmann

“It’s hard to pick just one, but any of the summers I worked as a counselor at Waycross Camp in Brown County would certainly do just fine.” – Rob Burgess

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