Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

July 13, 2013

Kids dive for cash in Kidbuck$ game at county fair

New fair addition gives kids chance for prizes.

By Jessie Hellmann Kokomo Tribune
Kokomo Tribune

---- — Children dressed as squirrels, rabbits and chefs hopped and ran across the stage at the Kidbuck$ game show, one of the new additions to the Howard County 4-H Fair.

Kids aged 5 to 15 are allowed to play in the three rounds, with the winner of each round getting to spin the wheel. Whoever gets the highest number gets a chance to catch as many Kidbuck$ as they can in a room. They can then exchange the bucks for a prize.

The game show, which had several appearances every day of the fair, was popular with the kids, especially the young ones.

Bree Smith, 8, has already been on the show twice, and she keeps coming back.

“I want to win a prize,” she said, clutching the white tiger she just received as a runner up.

The last show she was on, she won the whole thing.

“I won the big huge doggy up there,” she said excitedly.

Smith’s grandmother, Nancy Fivecoate, said she loves that it’s been added to the fair.

“We like it, and I think the kids have so much fun,” she said.

Her other grand daughter, Bethany Smith, has been on the game show three times, but hasn’t had as much luck, only taking away the small prizes.

Kids who win the each game are entered for a drawing to win a bicycle.