Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

July 9, 2013

$1M lottery winner claims prize

OmniSource employee wins Independence Day raffle

By Scott Smith
Kokomo Tribune

---- — Jeff Vore hasn't had an easy time of it these past few months. Divorce just finalized, behind on his bills, cable turned off ... one might say it was a good time for a $1 million lottery payoff.

"It couldn't have come at a better time," he said during his "big check" presentation Tuesday. "You always hope it goes to someone who really needs it, rather than some damn millionaire who doesn't."

An equipment operator at OmniSource, Vore has already been through the conversation with his boss, the one where the supervisor asks whether he'll keep coming in to work.

The answer to that one is yes. Vore said Tuesday he plans to pay all his bills, put aside money for college funds for the kids, and purchase a new Harley Davidson motorcycle.

He's keeping his old bike.

"You never sell your first Harley," he explained.

He bought the ticket about two weeks ago at the far northside Soupley's liquor store (the store owners received $10,000 Tuesday for selling the winning ticket).

But he didn't realize he'd won until last Friday, when a friend heard through the grapevine that a $1 million winning ticket had been sold at the North Apperson Soupley's. From work, an excited Vore called home, and had his daughter Faith read the first three numbers on the ticket. When she read "107," he figured he was in the money.

"I told her, don't let anyone in the house, don't move that ticket," he said. He told the secretary at OmniSource, whose jaw dropped, and then he called his mother, and asked her if she was sitting down.

Now he's busy making plans, and trying to decide whether he wants to pay off his mortgage. He said the $700,000 or so he'll receive after taxes isn't enough for a permanent lifestyle change, so he's looking to use it as wisely as possible.

And he'll have to take his daughters shopping as well.