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May 8, 2013

Deputies: Suspect said 'voices' made him set fire

Son charged with trying to burn down parents' house.

By Carson Gerber
Tribune staff writer

Amboy — A 19-year-old man who deputies say set fire to his parents’ house near Amboy last week told detectives he believed his parents were practicing witchcraft on him and told his mother “the voices” made him do it, according to court documents released Tuesday.

Isaac D. Thomas was arrested on a charge of arson last Tuesday after deputies say he admitted to placing a can of gasoline in his parents’ kitchen oven and setting it on fire.

Deputies responded to the blaze at 11824 S. 700 E., where they reported the west side of the residence was in flames. Thomas’ parents escaped the blaze, and no injuries were reported.

Thomas’ mother said her son was gone when she escaped the fire. She said once she was outside, her son drove up to the house crying and said “the voices had told him to do it.”

He then stated he was going to be arrested and fled the scene.

Deputies arrested Thomas after he again returned to the fire scene and told investigators he started the blaze, court documents state.

He told investigators he believed his parents had been performing witchcraft on him during the previous month. He said he waited until his parents were asleep before packing clothes in his car and grabbing a gas can out of the garage.

Issac Thomas said he then placed it in the oven, lit the fire and left the house in a vehicle.

He told investigators he returned to the house to make sure his parents were safe. He said he didn’t want to hurt his parents — just burn down the house because he was upset at them, according to court documents.

Thomas is being held at the Miami County jail on a $25,000 bond.

Carson Gerber is a Kokomo Tribune reporter. He can be reached at 765854-6739, or by email at carson.gerber@kokomotribune.com.