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April 20, 2014

Question Time: Name a baby (or babies) today

What moniker would you give them?

By Rob Burgess
Tribune night editor

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In the next few weeks, the Social Security Administration is set to release statistics for the top 1,000 boy and girl baby names of 2013. So, we wanted to know: “Imagine you’re having a baby (or babies) today. What would you name it (or them) and why? (You can give answers for a girl, a boy or both; and any combination for twins, triplets, etc.)”

Your answers

“My daughter’s name is Sophia Hope. Her middle name was given because my husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer when I was 2 months pregnant and there is always hope. If we could have another child names would be Bailey Madison (love the name) or Xavier Carter.” — Tiffany Nicole Calisto

“I’m having a boy in less than a month! Isaac Julius is what we decided to go with! Isaac is a strong, respectable name. Julius is from his uncle!” — Nikole Patrick

“My wife is due at any time and will definitely have my son [today]. We went with Rylan. Don’t care for the Ryan Jr.-type. So decided to put an ‘L’ in between.” — Ryan Fording

Our answers

“If I were having a baby today, my life would be turned upside-down. Why not make it even crazier with triplets? I’ve always been fascinated with a trio of names starting with C: Cyrus, Cedric and Cecil. They all sound exotic to me, and I’ve long told friends of mine that that’s what I’d name triplet boys. If I were ever blessed, or cursed, with such a thing. I even wrote a novel in my sophomore year of college featuring triplet brothers that bore those names. … Cyrus makes me think of a king, Cedric of something Gaelic like good Irish music, and Cecil just sounds like the name belongs to a British fop.” — Sarah Einselen

“We named our first child Madilyn (Madi for short) because we just kinda liked the name. There wasn’t any family lineage significance to it. She was born four days after Christmas, so we thought a pretty — and appropriate middle name would be Noelle. If we do have another child, and it’s a girl, I like the name Mackenzie. But, that would give us a Maya, Madi and Mackenzie in that generation of kids in our family, and I remember my mom always struggling with my cousin, my sister and I’s names, because they were Josh, Jenni, Gina and Jason. Quite a mouthful with you’re mad at all of them at the same time!” — Josh Sigler

“My wife and I are due to have our first child, a son, in about 80 or so days. There’s no way we’re telling anyone the name until it’s born. Thanks for all the ideas, though!” — Rob Burgess

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