Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

March 21, 2013

Brotherly sound takes stage

The Abrams Brothers by Kokomo Community Concerts.

By Lindsay Eckert
Tribune lifestyle editor

— It’s the sound of legacy passed down through four generations. A talent born in Nashville blossomed on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry-Canada and grew through generations of family musicians.

The Abrams Brothers may have the youngest genes of their musically-inclined clan, but the band is taking cities by storm with its unique range of instruments and youthful appeal. Kokomo residents can hear the sound of family tradition themselves as Kokomo Community Concerts presents The Abrams Brothers at 7:30 p.m. Friday at Kokomo High School.

Dean Despinoy, Kokomo Community Concerts vice president, said the band’s mix of Bob Dylan and homespun harmonies is a must-see experience for local families.

“The Abrams brothers are fourth-generation musicians whose family has influenced their music from the very beginning,” Despinoy said. “From sitting around the living room joining their family in playing different instruments to being the youngest ever to play at Canada’s Grand Ole Opry, The Abrams Brothers are clearly part of a family tradition everyone can relate to.”

Despinoy said families will not only enjoy relating to the brotherly bonds, but they’ll also have a night dedicated to good times. Despinoy describes what people can expect in one word: “Fun.”

“[They have a] wonderful audience rapport, and they will immediately make you feel like you are a special guest at their house as they tell stories and play their music,” Despinoy said. “Although their musical style is classified as bluegrass, their talent transcends labeling as they move effortlessly from standard bluegrass sounds to rock.”

Randy Rusch, president of Kokomo Community Concerts, said picking the brotherly act was simply an indication of how people of all ages can connect with the band’s talent.

“A group of us from Kokomo Community Concerts Board of Directors attended the Live on Stage Conference in Nashville, Tenn. We watched 33 groups do 10-minute live auditions,” Rusch said. “There were more than 500 people in the audience from across the country, and when these guys finished playing, there was a two-minute standing ovation by the audience. This group was my top pick [for the 2012-13 season].”

Despinoy said one of the band’s musical inspirations summed up the group’s musical style quite simply, but accurately: “Quoting one of their mentors, Arlo Guthrie, ‘These guys are too young to be this good.’”