Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

March 4, 2010

Rebecca Hampton

Rebecca Hampton

Age: 26

Married to: Robby

Kids: Miles, 4 1/2 months

Occupation: Elementary school music teacher

The Hampton family shares a lot — Rebecca and her husband, Robby, are both music teachers and both come from families with health issues — but now both of them are looking at sharing a new, healthy lifestyle with their 4 1/2-month-old son, Miles.

Rebecca Hampton says her husband is along for the Mommy Makeover ride, too — and he seems genuinely as excited to support and learn as Rebecca is.

“It will be fun to learn to cook together and learn how to prepare healthy meals together,” Rebecca said at her home recently.

Active since a young age, Rebecca played volleyball and softball through college, but after she married Robby, the weight crept on little by little. After their first child, Miles, was born in November, she decided enough was enough.

She saw the call for moms for our program, and the rest was history, she said.

Rebecca knows Anytime trainer Rob Land through church and said the comfort she already has with him will help her as she starts her training. She trusts him.

“I will do anything he tells me to,” she said.

And while other moms might be a little nervous about what the baby will say, Rebecca isn’t concerned. Little Miles is already sleeping solidly through the night.

“I think God knew, because I have to have sleep.” Rebecca said of Miles’ marathon 12-hour sleep sessions.

Rebecca said she’s looking at this as a lifestyle, not a diet, and hopes to shed 25 pounds by the end of Mommy Makeover, although her total goal is 55 pounds by summertime.

“My goal is to get healthy but he would like to see a bikini, too,” she said, flashing a smile at Robby. And on his end, Robby has promised when she reaches her goal weight, there’s a new wardrobe in it for her.

“My main concern is that I have three things that fit me now,” Rebecca said with a laugh. “Heaven help me if I have to go to anything more than three times.”

And Rebecca says she plans on giving the same kind of motivation and encouragement to Robby as well. His school, Bon Air Middle, has a Biggest Loser-style competition that he says he fully intends to win.

“I’ve been trying to hold steady, so we can do the diet together,” he said.

Rebecca said that she hopes the healthy lifestyle that the Hamptons are learning now will filter down to Miles. With a history of health problems and three of four grandparents who have had weight-loss surgery, Rebecca said, it’s important that Miles learns about nutrition and exercise.

“We want to break that chain for him, knowing that we’ve passed that on to him,” she said.