Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

April 22, 2010

Maintaining weight loss easier than losing

All three Mommy Makeover ladies will continue training.

By Erin Shultz
Tribune lifestyle editor

Kokomo — Anytime Fitness personal trainer Rob Land says for the ladies of Mommy Makeover, the hardest part is over.

Taking the first steps to lose weight and get it off is far harder than keeping it off, he says.

“After eight weeks, this should be a normal part of these people’s days,” he said.

But don’t think that means maintaining weight loss will be a walk in the park for our three moms.

The secret is energy balance, Land said. If the ladies want to eat a little more, he said, they have to work out a little more. If they want to work out a little less, then they have to eat a little less.

He said to think of a maintenance plan like a teeter-totter — the idea is to keep it straight across, with neither side touching down. But because the ladies won’t be striving for such large caloric deficit, it should be much easier, he said.

“You going to be able to work out a little bit less and you’re going to be able to eat a little more,” he said.

The tough part is not falling off the wagon entirely and staying with a workout program that’s about 75 to 80 percent of what it was while the ladies were losing the weight. Land said taking a week off can quickly become taking six months off if you’re not careful.

“Don’t let one bad day turn into one bad week turn into one bad month turn into one bad year,” he said.

Land said he doesn’t foresee problems with the Mommy Makeover divas, as all three of them have decided to continue with their personal training in some degree.

“These girls realize that accountability factors in there,” he said.

And don’t worry. The Tribune isn’t letting these girls get out of the limelight so easily either. We’ll be checking back with them periodically over the next few months to see how they are doing maintaining their weight loss or moving closer to their final goals.

• Erin Shultz is the Kokomo Tribune Life & Style editor. She may be reached at 765-454-8587 or erin.shultz@kokomotribune.com.