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February 2, 2014

Rosemary Goyer Lovegrove

Kokomo Tribune

---- — Rosemary, have we told you lately...?

Rosemary Goyer Lovegrove, 91, passed away Thursday night, Jan. 16, 2014, at Hope Hospice in Cape Coral, Fla. Her son, Matthew Lovegrove, and daughter, Leoma (Lovegrove Silberg) were at her side. Leoma was married to Michael Silberg, Matlacha, Fla.

Rosemary was raised in Kokomo. After marriage, she moved to Merrillville, where she raised her four children. After they were adults, she moved to Naples, Fla., where she lived another 25 years. She spent her final years in Matlacha, Fla., living with her daughter, Leoma.

Rosemary was always doing for others. Besides being married and raising a family, she was involved with church, she played four musical instruments, she put on fashion shows, and she owned and operated her own art galleries. She would try her best to brighten up everybody’s world around her, even when her own world was not so bright. She will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved her.

Rosemary’s son, Matt, and his wife, Shelley, who live in Columbus, Ohio, have given Rosemary three grandchildren, Phillip, Todd and Ericca. Phillip and his wife, Julie, have given Rosemary three great-grandchildren, Zachary, Zoe and Zadie. Todd and his wife, Annie, have given Rosemary two more great-grandchildren, Neal and Shay (with another on the way). And last, but certainly not least, Ericca gave to Rosemary her first great-grandchild, the great Riley Shea. Rosemary is survived by her other son, Mark, who lives in Marion. Kathy was married to Gary Surfus, Naples, Fla. Rosemary is also survived by her brother, Harry Goyer, who is married to Carol and they live in Jacksonville, Fla.

Rosemary’s parents, Harry and Murl Goyer, preceded Rosemary into Heaven. Her daughter, Kathy, preceded her into Heaven four years ago.

Two memorial services for Rosemary are being planned for the future, although dates are not yet set. Check Rosemary’s Facebook page, Rosemary Goyer Lovegrove, for ongoing updates. For online condolences and to read the full obituary, please visit fullernaples.com.

If you want to honor Rosemary’s memory, you can send a donation to the Salvation Army.