You have a stake in your community, state and nation. We encourage you to verify your voting status before April 9 and make plans to participate in the May 8 primary election.

Registration for ABATE of Indiana's motorcycle rider safety classes in Kokomo begins Friday. But it's motorists in cars and trucks who are most likely to cause cycling accidents.


I was at home working late one afternoon on my column when the phone rang. My wife’s cell number popped up on my caller ID. “Hi, Mary Ellen.”


I saw Congressman Todd Rokita on Fox News last night, speaking about the unthinkable tragedy of two California deputies being murdered by an illegal immigrant. Congressman Rokita is right to say this tragedy could have been avoided had we had a wall and a system that enforces our immigration laws.

Everyday American citizens are killed or are victims of crime at the hands of illegal immigrants. Politicians’ talking points tell us the border is more secure than ever. If this were the case, Americans wouldn’t be dying in record numbers from drugs smuggled across that secure border.

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