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Feb. 5, 2014: Letters to the editor

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Posted: Wednesday, February 5, 2014 2:58 am

Turbines will trample rural quality of life

The Sunday article about Indian Heights commented on providing a better quality of life for the residents of the Heights. That is commendable when officials see quality of life as a priority for residents.

We in rural eastern Howard County have a good quality of life. We enjoy our lives and homes out here, no complaints. Yet our county government is desiring and has decreed the construction of an industrial wind complex to be built around us. This’ll take away our quality of life. County officials not only do not care what happens to us and our lives, they have made it clear such aren’t important to their interest.

The Economic Revitalization Agreement signed by our county officials to bring this industrial complex, slated to begin construction Sept. 21, 2014, states these complexes are for areas of unemployment and poverty. Unemployment and poverty doesn’t describe our area! Both are very rare in rural Howard County.

We have no cable here, but these services are well-provided, readily available to us by means of wireless Internet and TV. However, these will no longer be available in the midst of an industrial wind complex. We also won’t have access to LifeLine helicopters. We’ll lose value in our properties and won’t be able to expand, as setbacks for the turbines lock in any future building of homes or businesses. Yet no one cares. Officials pooh-pooh safety, health and noise issues with turbines, but they’re very real and will greatly hamper a prosperous life for thousands of us.

To reject reality, deny proven facts, and put nearly 2,000 people in danger, our health, safety, property, as well as denying us Internet, TV, all against our will and consent, should be unthinkable. But it’s not. To deny quality of life to thousands of residents of Howard County, can there be any winners?

Leelia Cornell


World without moral constraints of faith

The author of a recent letter indicated some day religious beliefs will not be grounds to deny marriage equality to all. Let’s indulge his fantasy and pursue this so-called equality without the moral constraints of religion.

Marriage equality is one of the buzzwords used to justify support for same-sex marriage, but the immoralists will not pause long there. Same-sex couples encompass the L and G of LGBT, but there is the B. Equality for them means recognizing the marriage of up to four people. It would be silly to think that equality stops at that point, of course. Ultimately, marriage equality would need to include any number of partners.

Then there is the sexual anarchists’ coup-de-grace: adult-child sexual relationships. Children are actively being taught by groups such as GLSEN to explore their sexuality at ridiculously early ages and to celebrate their discoveries. Some of those discoveries are that they love adults.

We are keenly aware that some adults love children. Upon what grounds is expressing their love to be denied them? It is only a matter of time before there will be letters declaring that elected officials need to know Hoosiers don’t support treating sexually alternative friends and family unequally before the law. Such is the world without the moral constraints of religion.

Charles A. Layne

Bunker Hill


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