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February 28, 2014

Feb. 28, 2014: Letters to the editor

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---- — Blade break fitswith incident studies

I find it interesting that after the recent wind turbine blade failure in Tipton, E.ON spokesman Elon Hasson was quoted in the Kokomo Tribune as “such failures are rare” and a GE issued statement included, “Blade breaks in wind turbines are rare.”

It is odd that what the wind industry continues to call rare seems to happen with awful regularity. As I write this, just hours ago in Pennsylvania, another blade snapped in half at the EverPower-owned turbine farm near Dunlo in Adams Township.

A quick search of news articles shows four blade failures of GE 1.6-100 model turbines in eight months. This does not include the recent blade failure in the Wildcat Wind Farm in Tipton and there probably are more that I did not find.

March 11, 2013: A blade broke in half at DTE’s Thumb Wind Park in March.

Nov 7, 2013: A blade snapped in half and fell to the ground at DTE Energy’s Echo project in Michigan while a newly installed turbine was being commissioned.

Nov 17, 2013: A blade sheared off on the fifth day of commissioning of “turbine 34” at Invenergy’s Orangeville wind farm in New York state.

Nov 20, 2013: A broken blade at Invenergy’s California Ridge project in Illinois, which was commissioned in 2012, was linked to extreme weather.

Tipton County Citizens for Responsible Development has always cited reputable studies when discussing the reliability of wind turbines. According to “Permitting Setbacks for Wind Turbines in California and the Blade Throw Hazard” by Scott Larwood of California Wind Energy Collaborative University of California, Davis, “The available documentation shows blade failure probability in the 1-in-100 to 1-in-1,000 per turbine per year range. There is no indication of improvement of this statistic with new technology.”

Another study, “Reliability performance and maintenance — A survey of failures in wind power systems” by Johan Ribrant that reviewed actual failure data from wind turbines in Sweden, Finland and Germany concluded even higher blade failure rates.

The blade failure in Tipton matches these studies. We have 1 blade failure in 125 turbines in approximately one year. Data does not lie.

Imran Malik


Vote the same,get the same

As usual, some of the Tipton County commissioners continue to find themselves unable to agree on well-qualified people to fill the planning board. It is a shame some of these elected officials have the inability to put personal issues aside and do the right thing by filling these positions with well-qualified and proper politically standing individuals who have been presented to them.

But why should we expect the right thing to be done now? Some have already shown who and what they are about!

Elections are just around the corner and thank goodness we will have more choices. I for one will be looking to replace these individuals who continue to cause confusion and distrust in our county. I will be in Windfall Saturday morning to listen to some of the candidates running for our county offices. With any kind of luck, help is on the way.

The way I see it, the continued challenges of misconduct and improper procedures weighs heavily on the people of the county. If you vote the same, you get the same! Here is our chance to meet and greet our running officials. Hope to see you there. I personally want change for the better!

Shannon Baden