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December 14, 2013

Dec. 14, 2013: Cheers & Jeers

Kokomo Tribune

---- — Santa, Ryan warm Kokomo hearts

Margi Moore and Marla Miller send this Cheer to all those who helped with or turned out for the annual Light Up Your Holidays event:

“‘It’s a wonderful life’ in downtown Kokomo! Thanks to Santa and Mrs. Claus, brought in by the great engineers from Ortman Grain, and accompanied by Ryan Beining and his family.

“Santa and Ryan warmed the hearts of us all on such a cold afternoon.

“The wonderful Eastern band is always a favorite each year to lead Santa’s train, along with all the Christmas characters that followed.

“Santa wants to thank every boy and girl who stood in the cold to get to talk to him (thanks, parents, for bringing them down).

“Santa’s Workshop full of great elves was sponsored by Pownell Custom Creations, assisted by the youth group from St Joan of Arc. Good food was plentiful this year, thanks to Gingerbread House, Barker’s B&K, McDonald’s, Pepperwhistle, Drake’s and Main St. Café.

“Moore Title’s elves decorated the kids with personalized elf hats, and Northwestern’s Cyber Tooth Club’s Talking Tree greeted all those visiting. Harris Bank saw to it that the live reindeer was able to came back to visit all of us again this year.

“If you didn’t have your letter written to Santa yet, you could visit Planet Mind to write one and send it in the Special Mailbox. Crafts were provided by both the library and Bona Vista, as well as face painting and sing-alongs.

“Santa and his committee just wanted to let you all know how great and important you are for helping make Christmas special in our town. Santa has many sponsors that made it possible for him to give away 13 bicycles this year for just coming down and spending time with him and his helpers.

“Special thanks to Randy Barber, First Farmers, Moore Title, Chrysler Breakfast Club, Community First, Dr. Nusser and Dr. Hoshaw, Chrysler ITP Plant, the fire department administrative staff, McCool’s Flooring, Badminton Club, Solidarity, Chrysler employees, Workman & Brown. Our volunteer elves of Carol, Margi, Marla, Lora, Nancy, Candy, Diana, Judy and Sandy wish you a very merry Christmas and thank you all for helping us make Santa feel special when he comes to our town!”

‘Good guys’ prevail at mall

Patricia Boardman of Kokomo sends this Cheer to those who helped her:

“After having my purse was taken at the mall last Saturday, I was very busy getting medical attention, talking to police officers and the prosecutor, and finishing the semester (I’m a teacher), so I am just now getting around to thanking the people who helped me.

“That does not mean your help was not greatly appreciated.

“First, I would like to thank the couple who called 911 (I learned later the wife was a former student of mine!) Next, I would like to thank the young man who took down the license number and waited to give it to the police officer. I would also like to thank the lady who waited with me and described the car to the officer, as well as the lady who went to find my granddaughter and bring her to me. I am also grateful to the emergency personnel and the police officers who responded promptly and professionally.

“The officers had the perpetrators in custody in fewer than 10 minutes, I believe.

“I had been willing to loan my cellphone to a girl I thought needed help, but all she wanted to do was rob me. The Lord surrounded me with good people who came to my rescue and kept her from accomplishing her goal.

“Chalk one up for the good guys!”

Friends of Library thank Doug North

Pat DiSalvo, a member of the Friends of the Library board, sends this Cheer:

“Recently, Douglas North was recognized for his lengthy volunteer service to the Friends of the Library board. North was vice president for many years and was instrumental in setting up an association with Amazon book sales. He handled books culled from the library’s collection.

“The sales on Amazon.com added many dollars to the Friends’ treasury, which is being used to support branches of the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library that request funds for projects not allocated in the budget. Both adults and children benefit from reading programs, supplies for games and needed furnishings.

“The Friends of the Library was grateful to Doug North for his many years of selfless service.”

‘We have a lot of great people’

Project Hope founder Glenda Manis sends this Cheer to the organization’s supporters:

“Project Hope is back home after delivering a truckload of clothing and blankets to the Appalachia area. A great big thank-you goes out to all the wonderful people who made this trip possible.

“Our driver, Barbara Daggy of Greentown drove the truck at no charge to us, including gas. She has been kind enough to do this to help others. She has made this trip two times a year for several years. Barbara deserves a star.

“Grace Memorial Church of God in Christ, In His Image Baptist Church and Kokomo Rescue Mission, thank you. We cannot possibly mention everyone by name, but we couldn’t make these trips without your help. God bless all of you.

“We have a lot of great people in Kokomo.”