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December 28, 2013

RAY DAY: Bring our soldiers home

Kokomo Tribune

---- — The past cannot be without the present, and the future is that part of life that is on the horizon.

We live today with the knowledge of what got us here. We hope today and yesterday will lead to a good future, but it takes a lot of thought to get us there.

Life has given us the opportunity to do better later on, or at least maintain that type of life that is pleasurable not only to us but our children. As we remember the mistakes we made, so do we attempt to correct those errors of life so our children will have a better world to live in. I was asked by several readers who know me what my thoughts were about how we use our country to the best advantage.

We have been in wars to keep our freedoms intact, and we have ventured into countries to fight their battles. In the process, we encountered many thousands of deaths and injuries that stay with our soldiers and their families the rest of their lives. We use our power to let other countries know we are there if they need us, and this writer has one thing to say about that.

Mr. President, bring our soldiers home.

We have been in those countries too long and for every day we remain, we lose more of our loved ones who never get to finish taking care of the home front.

I realize in many ways we keep the bad forces out of our country by fighting those wars, and maybe that could be the way to keep them from entering our country and causing unrest here in our beloved America. But there has to be a finishing point. We have stayed too long in Afghanistan. Let’s bring an end to that war and give our girls and boys that much needed trip home.

No, I am not one who says we should not help other countries. My family has had several members who have served our country in other countries, and I salute them. But we have so many who have come over from other lands and taken advantage of our way of living free, and yet they don’t have to serve us in a military way.

We feed other countries while we allow our people to live on food stamps. My thought has always been that we share our food with others, but we should put our own people in front of the line.

Our universities are full of people from other countries who end up getting the great positions in life, while our own people stand in the unemployment line. How many times have we found those who are not even legal residents use the IRS to get money they did not even earn, yet they have names of relatives who do not live here as dependants on their tax returns? Are we looking the other way or just plain not doing our jobs?

So to those of you who asked, I give you this thought: What if we had never freed ourselves, thanks to a great group of men and women who through the years have given us all the rights and freedoms we used yesterday and today? Do we just sit back in our rocking chairs and reap all the freedoms we have without making sure their are no roaches lying in the cracks, waiting for that chance to create unrest, just like they do in their own country? Time will tell, but it sure would be nice to know now our freedoms are intact for years to come.

It will soon be that time when we voice our thoughts with ballots. Voting is only a part; we need to keep our eyes and ears open too. Don’t forget to vote on the next voting day. That is our right and also our responsibilty.

Ray “Uncle Ray” Day is a weekly contributor to the Kokomo Tribune. Contact him at uncleray@earthlink.net.