Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

December 28, 2012

Longing for the carhops

THE ISSUE: Wednesday’s snowfall.

OUR VIEW: City and county plow operators, and those who keep their equipment up and running, deserve a standing ovation for quickly taking control of Howard County’s streets and roadways.

Our children, home from college on winter break, still were snuggled in their beds as we readied for work Wednesday. One of us drove by Barker’s B&K on the way in to work and longed to see the carhops.

But Snow Days and two-hour delays are for school kids and their instructors, not the rest of us – particularly those responsible for clearing the roads of snow.

Despite 4 inches of the white stuff, which drifted to several inches more in some spots by Wednesday afternoon, area roads were surprisingly passable Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. Most drivers had two lanes of nearly clear pavement along highways.

Plow operators deserve our thanks. And, once again, Kokomo Street and Refuse Director Joe Ewing, county Highway Superintendent Ted Cain, and their crews – and those who keep their equipment up and running – deserve a standing ovation for their work. Just as they did when the area was hit by a 14-inch snowfall Feb. 13, 2006, these folks quickly took control of the roadways.

In Kokomo’s downtown, street crews salted, plowed and sanded much of Wednesday. There wasn’t a moment that a downtown visitor couldn’t park on a street.

In a week, most college students will be glad to leave mom and dad and return to their studies after the long holiday break. Perhaps mom and dad will be, as well.

But today, be thankful for city and county plow operators. Ours didn’t have to deal with the foot of snow that fell in Bloomington or the 7 inches that slowed Indianapolis, but they did their best to soften winter’s wallop Wednesday.

And join us in counting down the return of the B&K carhops.