Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

April 6, 2013

April 6, 2013: Cheers & Jeers

Students give $950 to Humane Society

Jean McGroarty, executive director of the Kokomo Humane Society, sends this Cheer for the students and staff at Lafayette Park Elementary School:

“We at the Kokomo Humane Society have been delighted, and our hearts have been warmed, by the good things that Howard County’s children have done to help our animals. From birthday parties where gifts were given to the Humane Society, to fund drives at schools, kids have proven again and again that they have good hearts.

“Most recently, we were the recipients of the proceeds of a fundraiser done by the Lafayette Park Elementary School Student Council. Members sold ‘Smencils’ and decided that the profits should go to the animals. Their donation totaled more than $950!

“Our deepest thanks go to the Student Council, students who bought the product, and the adults involved in this project. This wonderful gift reinforces our belief that children are the best hope for our animals, now and in the future.”

Motorcycle club offers thank-you

William Pendleton of the Road Knights Motorcycle Club sends this Cheer for the community:

“Road Knights Motorcycle Club, organizer of the community Easter egg hunt at Studebaker Park, would like to thank everyone who helped make our egg hunt a success:

“Kokomo Parks Department; Carver Community Center; Road Knights Motorcycle Club; Elks Lodge No. 429; Princess Kokoma Temple 1163; Kokomo Chapter Black Expo; Kokomo Chapter NAACP; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Walmart; Walgreens; Glenda, Stacy and Azari Trevillion; Dragons Motorcycle Club; Moville Groundshakers Motorcycle Club; Chumming Club; Les Femmes and Debutantes.

“Thanks to all who helped.”

Local libraries serve the public

Kirsten Leonard of the wind-farm opponents group, Tipton County Citizens for Responsible Development (CRD), sends this Cheer for the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library:

“I would like to extend our group’s deepest gratitude to the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library librarians and staff. As the first word of the Prairie Breeze wind project was shared in the Kokomo Tribune and Tipton Tribune, the library provided the residents with a location to meet and to learn about the impact of the project on our lives and property. The group that became the Tipton County Citizens for Responsible Development was formed in the meeting rooms of the South Branch of the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library.

“Librarians at KHCPL and Tipton County Public Library provided research guidance and information to citizens who sought to understand the political process and governance, as well as the peer-reviewed research and studies on industrial wind turbines. These libraries served the core mission of public libraries everywhere:

“‘A democracy presupposes an informed citizenry. The First Amendment mandates the right of all persons to free expression, and the corollary right to receive the constitutionally protected expression of others. The publicly supported library provides free and equal access to information for all people of the community the library serves.’

“The CRD has been able to advance our understanding of the wind industry impacts and address this in our county government because of the resources made available to us through county and state library services. Public libraries serve all patrons and provide access to information on all sides of the issue.

“Knowledge is power, and an informed citizenry will advance the county. We can only resolve problems after taking a deep and truthful look at the research. Our many thanks to the libraries that provide support in that endeavor.”

Making community a better place

The Mental Health Association sends this Cheer:

“Mental Health Association wants to extend its appreciation to the following organizations and persons for their support of this United Way Agency:

“Jean Lushin and the Center Township trustee’s office, who continue to do a great job for the community and are great advocates of mental health reform. Thanks, everyone, over at the trustee’s office.

“The Del-Ra Nut Club, which faithfully donates to this agency every year, allowing us to continue to serve through education, client assistance and case management. Thanks, ladies!

“Devon Woods Garden Club, which for the last 40 years has made corsages for our consumers for Easter. This is their last year, and many are retiring. We will miss their artistic and beautiful flowers. May you all at the Garden Club enjoy healthy years to come.

“Kroger’s, for the weekly donations to feed our Social Club members on Monday night. Thanks to all the employees who assist us every Monday.

“Cathy Meleason, for making chocolate Easter bunnies for the clients to enjoy at Social Club. Candy-making is her specialty, and she does it well.

“Pam Tina, a Navy veteran, who co-assists with the Veteran Support Group that meets every other week. Pam will also be starting a Panic/Anxiety Group the second week in April for MHA.

“Jim Wright, who donated a three-wheel bike for a consumer to travel back and forth to work when the weather is good.

“Kent and Jeanette Land, who jump in and volunteer for Social Club — or anything else they can help with.

“Charles and Sharon Short, who supply our office with donations and items to give to independent clients to use in their homes or apartments.

“Many deep and grateful thanks to all mentioned above. The community is a better place due to these wonderful people.”