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March 27, 2014

March 27, 2014: Letters to the editor

Kokomo Tribune

---- — Community vitalto abuse prevention

Today’s children are the future leaders, parents and workers. Our future prosperity depends on their healthy growth and development. With the support of engaged communities and nurturing families, all of our children can thrive and have the opportunity to grow into caring and healthy adults.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Hundreds of community individuals are hard at work preparing events that will promote the prevention of child abuse and neglect. As part of the national campaign, “Pinwheels for Prevention,” blue pinwheels will be offered as a symbol of a safe and happy childhood alongside the traditional blue ribbon that represents child abuse awareness.

Kokomo and Howard County businesses have played an important role in promoting awareness of child abuse and neglect prevention in the past, and they have done so in creative ways. We are offering for your consideration joining this year’s “Sign On” campaign anytime during the month of April. A business can Sign On by:

• Displaying a “Cherishing Children, Affirming Families” window cling in your front business window — provided by request.

• Displaying a positive message on a changeable sign such as “April is Child Abuse Prevention Month” and “Cherish the Children.”

• Displaying a Prevent Child Abuse sign — provided by request.

• Displaying a pinwheel bouquet explaining what you can do to help prevent abuse and promote healthy children — provided by request.

• Supporting attendance at the Prevent Child Abuse annual conference, April 15, at Oakbrook Church. The conference will feature international keynote speaker and author Pamela Jett. The conference is free and open to the public.

Limited supplies of blue ribbons, pinwheel bouquets, window clings and signs are available through Family Service Association’s Prevent Child Abuse program. You may request prevention materials and conference information by calling Family Service Association interns Felicia Young, 765-513-9328, or Katherine Coleman, 765-860-0336, during normal business hours.

Greg Goodnight

Mayor of Kokomo

Tea party’s simple plan for America

If you’ll vote for us — the tea party Republicans — and go along with our simple plan, we’ll end abortions, end the use of contraceptives, end gay rights, and allow you to have as many munitions as you’d like.

Our simple plan:

Go without food. You and your family will eat less. It’ll give you incentive to get off your butts and work harder. We’ll help you by taking away food stamps and any other food assistance programs.

Go without health care. You’ll work harder to find a job that provides health care. We’ll help you by taking away affordable health care. You’ve done without it for decades. You can go to the emergency room or just stay home and rest permanently.

Go without a job or take a pay cut, if you work in the public sector. We’ll help by terminating your employment or reducing your pay in order to help reduce the deficit.

Go without money to pay your bills. We’ll help you by taking away any unemployment extension. You’ll work harder to find that slave-wage job.

Go to work at two minimum wage jobs and stay in a homeless shelter. We’ll help by not increasing the minimum wage and, while we’re at it, eliminate the minimum wage altogether. You’ve worked for slave wages for years, so this is nothing new.

Go to war for us. To help out, we’ll make war our first priority. No more senseless negotiation. As a veteran, you’ll have our thanks, but no benefits.

Your vote and adherence to our simple plan is appreciated.

Larry Brooks