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March 29, 2014

RAY DAY: Go when he says it's time

Kokomo Tribune

---- — Time seems to be sometimes long and sometimes short. As I go relive my memories, I see many changes from then to now.

Of course the media is so much different. You can see in the newspaper or on the television all of the things going on in this world. I like to back off those things that hurt not only the families but the ones who have no family left to talk to. And that is where I am going this week.

All those good people whom I knew from a time so long ago are not with us anymore. Maybe there are some who never saw the gates of heaven due to the way they spent their time while still here on earth. But God forgives, and there is a second chance to go be with those who have gone before you.

Now don’t get me wrong, as I don’t judge people and never will because I don’t have that right to do so. Only God can do that. The reward of eternal life is there for you and me, as we travel that narrow road we have been given.

But let’s get down to where I am going today. It seems to be that you no sooner get up from your night’s sleep and it is time to go back to bed. Where did the time go? Are we in a pattern of life where we are just passing through, or do we have a real purpose here?

I have to say my time goes very fast, and soon it will be that time when my eyes will close for the last time here on earth and open in the arms of God. But while I am here, I have to have a reason to be here.

Am I doing the things God wants me to do, or am I just having fun doing whatever seems to be the role of today?

As you know, I like to write about the things that happened in my early years and in my elders’ lives. All the changes from then to now, and still the time just goes briskly by.

Did I do OK? Well, I will find out about that when it is time for him to call me Home.

Many things have happened to me during the years since my birth. I have had surgeries to save my life, and I have an illness now that may take my life one day. In 1973, my kidneys stopped working right, and so it was up on the table to get that fixed before I died from it.

In 1998, my heart was found to have nine blockages in and around it, and once again it was hop up on the table and get it fixed before death took me over. And in 2003, I had laser surgery where the back part of my heart was blocked and not pushing the blood through. That was a great thing to have done because the back part of my heart was that way so many years before.

Am I still having problems? No, I can truthfully say that with the surgeries I mentioned, and with God’s grace, I am still here. But the door to other ailments remains open, and as I grow older I seem to notice those ailments a lot more than I did in my early years. But I am not alone in fighting off ailments that could shorten our lives.

To those out there who are fighting their own battles, I give this thought. Don’t give up. Don’t let the calendar of life set a closing date. You go when he says it is time. Until then, you live and you fight and many times you win.

Ray “Uncle Ray” Day is a weekly contributor to the Kokomo Tribune. Contact him at uncleray@earthlink.net.