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October 8, 2013

Oct. 8, 2013: Letters to the editor

Kokomo Tribune

---- — House rightly actsto save our nation

The government shutdown is indeed a shame. According to the Constitution, all spending bills must originate in the House, which has the responsibility to decide what money is spent and where to cut. The House provided absolutely everything necessary to fund this government, giving Obama and Reid all they asked for, except Obamacare.

Our national debt is $16 trillion, and Obamacare will increase it to such a degree our nation can’t handle the load. Responsible leaders recognize this.

Obamacare will bankrupt this country, cripple businesses and the economy, cause health care costs to skyrocket, reduce quality and restrict options for care, and open the door to identity theft and confusion. Many of us lost medical care options Oct. 1, and it’ll only become worse when Obamacare is fully implemented. Several who once favored Obamacare have realized the negative implications to individuals and the nation and are now asking Congress to defund this train wreck.

In this nation, We the People are the government. Our leaders work for us; they aren’t to dictate to us. Have we forgotten this basic principle?

The House listened to We the People, acted accordingly and refused to fund Obamacare. The House, wanting the government to function, funded everything else completely!

This isn’t the first time such action has been taken by the House during our history. It acted honorably, fully funding the government while deleting what will shipwreck us. Nothing could be cleaner than acting responsibly for the whole.

Despite the fact the House fully funded the government as is its constitutional authority, Reid in the Senate chose to shut down the government until he gets his way. This is like a child on the playground. Reid refuses to acknowledge the recklessness of funding Obamacare. His temper tantrum has brought shame and harm to us all.

The House acted honorably and constitutionally to save this nation. It was the Senate that picked up its toys and went home. The Senate bears responsibility for holding this nation hostage.

This is tyrannical behavior, and it is our right and duty as Americans to resist it. Obamacare will take over control of our lives.

Reid’s rant to foist his will on us reveals the thirst for control. We are to be a nation of law, not one ruled by the whims of a handful of people.

Leelia Cornell


Fear change or lack empathy? Suck it up

Health care is a privilege and not a right in third world countries and dictatorships. In fact, most of those countries do not consider a person’s right to food or life.

Many here say those countries are void of Christianity and morals, while pushing the same agenda in America. “Health care is a privilege, not a right.” They follow the talking heads (sponsored by the health insurance companies) like sheep.

With the exception of the United States, most industrialized nations see health care as a right. They are not willing to just sit by and watch their citizens die for lack of health care. Other civilized nations wonder why Americans stand for a second-class health care delivery system, allowing their fellow citizens to suffer so the health insurance companies can maximize profits.

We call ourselves Christians while demanding the health insurance companies be allowed to continue to dictate who receives health care and who doesn’t. Death panels exist today in health insurance companies, and they need to end. Now.

The Affordable Care Act takes control of our health care away from insurance companies and puts it back where it belongs, in the hands of the American people. No more denial of health care because of pre-existing conditions. No more lifetime caps on coverage. No more ending your coverage because you have an illness the insurance companies decided not to cover. No more raising insurance premiums whenever they choose. No more fixing prices. No more using premium dollars that should be spent on health care on extravagant bonuses and lifestyles.

We the people will now tell the health insurance companies how they can operate in our country. Period. They will make less profit, and health care will be more affordable for all Americans.

Reforming our current dysfunctional health care delivery system means life or death to many. Health care reform is going forward and will not be stopped. Those who fear change or lack compassion, suck it up.

All Americans deserve access to quality health care without fear of losing everything.

Larry Brooks