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October 13, 2013

Oct. 13, 2013: Letters to the editor

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---- — Don’t like what is happening? Vote

Recently, while talking with a 40-something friend, she commented she was ready to quit paying attention to the mess in Washington. That seems to be the sentiment of many recently.

Even before the shutdown, Congress’ approval rating was in the 10 percent to 15 percent range, and I doubt it has gone up with the recent events. I feel our lack of interest is just what one party in our government is counting on.

Our government was not founded on the idea that one party could delay, amend or repeal a law of the land by shutting down the government, just because it did not like it. If that was business as usual, no law would ever be safe. Mass confusion would be the result.

I frequently visit with a 98-year-young woman in a retirement facility. I enjoy my visits with her. She depends on visitors to keep her up to date on local and state sports, as well as other news. She is sight and hearing challenged.

She does not want to just sit and let the world pass her by. She enjoys playing the devil’s advocate and can debate both sides of an issue with grace and etiquette. I have read that is why most people who live an involved life tend to live longer.

I want to continue living, to watch the younger generations develop and grow. That is why I believe it is in our best interest to be involved. If we do not like what is happening, we can and should vote for change.

One party should not be the voice of all of us. Do not give up on America.

How much longer do we tolerate tax breaks for the wealthy, our embarrassingly low minimum wage, and the extremely gerrymandered districts that maximize the political polarization we now experience?

Larry Wise


Wind farms are only focus of Tipton CRD

There have been many rumors about who and what the Tipton County Citizens for Responsible Development (CRD) is. We would like to dispel those rumors by communicating the origin and mission of the CRD.

The CRD was formed in the beginning of 2013 in order to organize a community effort to voice the concerns of Tipton County citizens of the Prairie Breeze Wind Farm.

Early on, the CRD recognized an alarming amount of residents living within the Wildcat I Wind Farm were looking for help and a voice to express their concerns. With this scope in mind, we developed our mission statement:

“Focused on ensuring that wind development in Tipton County, Indiana, is done without harm to homeowners and supports the interests of homeowners living with existing wind farms.”

The CRD board takes this mission very seriously. We will not be involved in any matters outside of this mission statement. The board is made up of a diverse group of Tipton County citizens who have differing opinions on other issues, but the common issue of concern for the CRD is the wind issue. This is also true for our supporters. While we have a common issue of wind turbine development, our supporters have concerns outside of the CRD mission statement. The CRD board would like to reiterate that it will not be involved in any of these other matters.

The CRD speaks as a board only when the subject matter pertains to wind. All board communications are done via press release, CRD website and when an authorized person identified below clearly states that they are communicating on behalf of the CRD board.

In order to end any confusion as to who is on the board of the CRD, our names are listed below. If anyone should have any questions pertaining to the CRD, any member of the board can be contacted.

We are: Jeff Hoover, Paige Hoover, Jeff Thomas, Kirsten Leonard, Michele McNabb, Chris Rossi, John West, Juanita Thomas, Mark Lynn, Imran Malik, Julie Rossi, Emily West, Brian Key, Eric Juliot and Beth Juliot.

Emily West