Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

April 20, 2013

April 20, 2013: Cheers and Jeers

Too many drivers make illegal U-turns

Rick Glover Sr. of Kokomo sends this Jeer for traffic violators:

“There’s nothing in your newspaper recently about this, and that’s OK. Until now.

“I have been for a number of years regularly frustrated with the number of people, and not just from out of town, who make a U-turn from southbound to northbound U.S. 31 at Center Road.

“For many of us, the symbolic ‘no U-turn’ sign is as clear as can be. For the drivers of which I am thinking, it is apparently not enough.

“If you look at the sign, back-to-back, with another sign for northbound drivers, the no U-turn prohibition is overshadowed by the larger sign to which it is attached.

“I wrote a number of years ago, and nothing got printed. Apparently, in the grand scheme of life in Kokomo, the Tribune at the time considered it miniscule or less-than-important at the very least. This morning, my frustration was renewed when a City of Kokomo dump truck made a U-turn right behind me. What kind of example is that?

“Solutions, other than a regular patrolman watching for this and word finally circulating in Kokomo that we are cracking down on this driving infraction, might help. Perhaps a larger sign, maybe even lighted, in the present sign’s place might help, or maybe a sign at the end of the median.

“Perhaps printing this letter would be a nice distraction from all the bad news you see fit to print on a regular basis.

“The dangers of accidents and, maybe, even a study of the accidents there because of illegal U-turns would be an eye-opener. I have been able to avoid them thus far. Thank you!”

Tribune ignores student musicians

Lisa Girton, a Western High School band parent, sends this Jeer for the Kokomo Tribune:

“On Feb. 25, 75 students from Western Middle School and High School competed at North Central High School in Indianapolis as part of the Indiana State Schools Music Association state solo and ensemble competition.

“That day, the students competed in 31 events and earned a total of 26 gold ratings in solo and ensemble performances.

“Unfortunately, few outside of the Western music program learned of this. The Kokomo Tribune chose not to share the results of this competition with its readership.

“A month later, more than 400 student musicians and singers from Howard County’s four outer school corporations — Northwestern, Eastern, Taylor and Western — gathered for two days at Western High School as part of the 56th annual Howard County Music Festival.

“The students received instruction from two award-winning and high-caliber directors, and performed before a packed audience. The performance closed the program for the longest running high school music festival in the United States.

“Again unfortunately, the Howard County community at large was not aware of any of this. Despite organizers’ best efforts to communicate information about the festival, the Kokomo Tribune opted not to share it with its readership.

“The Tribune’s pages have, however, played host to news releases from the Frankfort Community Public Library and, as of the April 8 edition, the Clinton Central Junior-Senior High school honor roll.  

“While I applaud the Tribune for sharing information about happenings in Howard County’s neighbors, I find it disappointing that little is shared about activities in our own county. In times of challenged budgets, Howard County’s schools administrators are doing a tremendous job in keeping the arts financed and a vital role in their students’ lives.  

“A little more promotion by the Tribune could go a long way in recognizing the talents and abilities of these deserving students. I hope Howard County’s scholastic arts programs find a better home on the Tribune’s pages in the next school year.”

Tax volunteers assist over 1,000 local filers

Dave Johnson, the local coordinator for AARP Tax-Aide, sends this Cheer for the volunteers:

“The following dedicated Tax-Aide volunteers provided more than 1,000 local taxpayers with free income tax assistance during the 2013 filing season: Dick Abel, Larry Cracraft, Bill Dague, Joan Davis, Ted DeGarmo, Vivian Heronemus, Bob Janes, Linda Kirkpatrick, Jerry Maden, Betty Madsen, Don Silvey, Gene Sweeney and Bill Wanke.

“Special thanks is also given to Tammy Corn and her staff at the Senior Citizens Center.

“Thank you.”