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October 10, 2013

Oct. 10, 2013: Letters to the editor

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---- — GOP, not Dems, are‘in it’ for the nation

America has survived a week of the “government shutdown”. And to be vindictive, President Obama is turning off Amber Alerts since closing national parks didn’t cause enough pain.

It has been reported 83 percent of the government was still operating, and now that federal employees will be getting back pay, they can return. By my estimate the percentage of the government operating will go up to more than 92 percent, including park rangers who are blocking the WWII Memorial and scenic overlooks near national parks.

Both sides in this argument are being childish to an extent, but to claim Obamacare — or the misnamed Affordable Care Act — is the law of the land and cannot be detracted by any negotiations is a bald-faced lie. Already it is not the bill Congress passed and was signed into law.

There have been more than 1,300 waivers granted, delays that were not in the law when the Supremes gave it a stamp of approval. So don’t tell me the House has no right to ask for a modification. Remember, this is a law that is so important to the future of America, Nancy Pelosi couldn’t read it and it’s the legacy of our president (the real reason for no negotiations). Obamacare will not apply to 1,300 organizations and the United States Congress, which always exempts itself from the rules it gives to us peons.

If you remember, slavery was the law of the land and approved by the Supreme Courts of those days. Funny that got changed. Politics, by its very nature, is all about negotiations, and we see the real reasons the Democrats won’t negotiate.

Numero uno, Obamacare has been described as Obama’s baby, and you don’t negotiate with your baby. And No. 2, which is almost as important, is Democrats have made the political calculation they and the media can hurt the Republicans more than they think they will be hurt. So before you place sole blame on the doorstep of the GOP, look at what the Dems have done.

They have forced cancer research to stop when the GOP offered for it to continue. The Dems have shuttered private property in the area of national parks in addition to the parks themselves. Amber Alerts have gone black. Every pacemaker, hip joint, cataract implant or other medical device will be taxed because most Democrats have never met a tax they didn’t like.

One last thing: America will only default if Obama in one of his punitive gestures makes us. We have the money to pay our debts.

Think long and hard about who is trying to gain something in all this. The Republicans, if they gain anything, are in it for America. The Democrats are in it for themselves.

Mike Moran


Here’s unvarnishedtruth about tyranny

A man who refuses to compromise is a tyrant.

A man who tries to compromise with a tyrant is a fool.

A fool is naive, but a tyrant is dangerous.

Sondra Parr