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October 21, 2013

Oct. 21, 2013: Letters to the editor

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---- — Leaders try todeny insurance

With the blessing of Gov. Pence, Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller has elected to sue the IRS, challenging the Affordable Care Act.

While it took Mr. Zoeller six months to draft the language of his lawsuit, he seems not to have read it.

Hidden away in its pages is language that seeks to eliminate subsidies for low-income purchasers of health insurance. The suit also seeks to undercut the requirement that large employers provide health care insurance.

Mr. Zoeller has now written an op-ed piece showing that he is troubled by the reaction to his efforts to end health insurance for Hoosiers. He doesn’t want to be criticized for his own carefully timed lawsuit or his own choice of claims to make.

He has made it clear in his own words that he is not acting for our people or our employers in pursuing this action. Rather, he wants to assert some variety of states’ rights: “My office does not represent individuals or private-sector employers but rather the sovereign authority of Indiana.”

Our attorney general and our governor are exhibiting an utter indifference to the health care of millions of Hoosiers. They should dismiss this lawsuit now.

Mr. Zoeller filed this lawsuit, but wants to put the blame for any harm on the judiciary. He suggests that he has no particular remedy in mind, but just wants the judge to decide. If he doesn’t know what he wants, he should not be in court.

He suggests that the state faces ruinous taxes at some unknown future date. Thousands of people across Indiana face illness and bankruptcy now if they go uninsured. But of course our attorney general tells us in his letter that he “does not represent individuals ...”

Messrs. Zoeller and Pence grudgingly concede that for now we can go to the federal marketplace for needed coverage. But they do not want Hoosiers to get the subsidies the law provides. Hoosiers can hardly be grateful for that grudging concession.

We have no love for the IRS. Still, we doubt that it is lying in wait to seize “millions” from our state because one state employee is put into a wrong category.

It is clear who is trying to hurt Hoosiers: It is the self-appointed proponents of a twisted idea of “sovereignty.”

If the AG won’t dismiss this ill-advised political lawsuit, the governor and he should explain why.

The time for legal and political games is over. It is time to get people insured. Indiana should be here to help its people.

As legislators, we can live with the idea that ideology leads some to deny science or the laws of economics. However, we cannot sit by while elected leaders try to deny us the insurance we need to protect our health.

The State of Indiana should be signing up people for health care, not seeking to end it.

Rep. Charlie Brown D-GaryRep. Ed DeLaneyD-Indianapolis

Tipton’s troublesare only beginning

As you might already have heard, the planning commission passed a wind ordinance in Tipton County with an overlay district.

That basically means wind farm operators can move into Tipton County. All the wind company has to do is ask for a variance.

It was a long, hard fight, and I appreciate all the help from the CRD. The overlay starts with the wind farm in Windfall, which makes me sick because the elected officials have done enough to Windfall residents.

Election time will come up, and Mr. Heron’s seat is one that is coming up the end of this year. Come election time, you need to do the right thing and replace these officials. They would not and did not listen to the wind opponents at all.

I will give Mr. Ashley and Mr. VanBibber their kudos. They wanted to ban all wind farms, which would’ve protected the residents.

Then you have Mr. Orr, who presented a wind ordinance he thought would be good for Tipton County. He is running for an elected office also, so remember his name come election time.

I personally am sorry for this happening to Tipton County and all the trouble it has and will continue to cause. I pray for Tipton County now. The troubles, I believe, are only beginning.

Shannon Baden


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