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October 31, 2013

Oct. 31, 2013: Letters to the editor

Kokomo Tribune

---- — Ban wind turbines, Tipton Co. officials

Elected officials of Tipton County:

Your leadership is needed. We have all learned a great deal about the falsities of wind energy at a lightning pace. You have been inundated with emails, voicemails and public outcry at many public venues to stop the industrialization and indeed the fleecing of our county. You cannot ignore the large numbers of opponents who have been present since our first “enlightenment” in October of 2012.

My family and I have lost friends and people whom I considered family over this divisive issue. This community is being ripped apart. There is nothing left of my community except the solace of my home. If turbines come they will have taken that, too, and I will be forced to leave.

Juwi has shown us the measure of its resolve. It will stop at nothing in its attempts to blight our county. In its attempts to deceive us, it has succeeded in awakening in all of us a newfound respect for the political process, that the wants of the few will not be the reality of all. It is time for you to answer.

This country is a republic. As such, we have placed our trust in you. This is why we elected you, so that you will act on our behalf. You have seen and heard where the majority voice originates. We ask that you do everything within your power to intercede on our behalf. Be the voice for the majority! We are asking you to get industrial wind turbines out of our county! Repeal the WECS!

Andrew Wyant


How will Tipton’scommissioners vote?

With all of the confusion, motions, discussions and interruptions at the Oct. 16 Plan Commission meeting, I was reminded of an event that took place in the House of Representatives when they passed Obamacare.

Months of testimony from all the experts and when the vote came up, Nancy Pelosi said we don’t know exactly what’s in this bill, just pass it and we’ll read it later. And they did, despite the majority of Americans saying no! And because it is such a good thing, Congress has exempted itself from Obamacare.

After months and months of testimony from experts on both sides of the wind issue, the Plan Commission decided to ignore the majority of the citizens of Tipton County and pass a watered-down version of a wind ordinance that was not agreed upon at the previous Plan Commission meeting. How can all the members of the commission know exactly what they voted for or against, if they had not had time to read or discuss it?

The concept of the overlay plan is confusing in itself. Is the overlay district where you can or can’t have wind farms? Did the overlay district include Wildcat I to allow more industrial wind turbines to be built there or did it exempt them from future expansion? What, if anything, is in this plan to address current or future complaints? These are all questions I had as I left the meeting.

So now, what is next? The Plan Commission decision is only a recommendation. The recommendation is then presented to the Tipton County Board of Commissioners. How will the BOC handle the most important decision they may ever have to make? Will they listen to the majority against, or will they listen to the few who stand to benefit from wind farms. Let’s take a look!

Commissioner Cline, president of the BOC, had to recuse himself from wind issues earlier because of a conflict of interest on being the beneficiary of a leaseholder. Commissioner VanBibber left no doubt at the Plan Commission meeting he wanted no part in creating another situation similar to what Dallas Walker was experiencing. The overlay plan does not prevent this from happening again.

That leaves Commissioner Heron. Will he listen to the majority or the few now, or in November 2014 when the majority go to the polls?

Stan Jones