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July 25, 2013

July 25, 2013: Letters to the editor

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---- — Leaseholder’s letter made assumptions

Based on a recent letter, it appears that turbine leaseholders continue to distort the facts and spread malicious propaganda. Many of the author’s arguments are invalid.

Opponents showed up “at the 11th hour” because leaseholders obtained secretive, undisclosed agreements with E.ON and juwi in 2008 and 2009. And most residents, including Tipton County Citizens for Responsible Development (CRD), had no knowledge of juwi’s wind project until late December 2012 and early 2013.

The assertion that there are hundreds of leaseholders in Tipton County is totally invalid, too. I would challenge the author to provide evidence of the number of leaseholders.

Also, knowledgeable people are offended by statements that indicate clean wind energy is good for Tipton County. Local residents receive no discount on their electric bills. Citizens suffer from breathing road quartz dust. Multipath and electromagnetic signal interference cause disruptions to television, Internet and cellphone reception.

The safety issues include fire, weather and medical emergencies. The loss of birds and bats is well-documented. Crop dusting is essentially unavailable in wind farms.

The number of complaints against E.ON in the Windfall Wildcat Wind Farm is well over 150 and climbing. The only good appears to be the money the small number of leaseholders will receive, but everything else is just collateral damage.

At the last Comprehensive Plan meeting in Tipton, many wind farm opponents were from the Chippendale subdivision. This subdivision contains 154 homes and more than 600 residents. These people have every right to attend any and all Tipton County meetings because they are or will be in the footprint of a Tipton County wind farm. Many Chippendale people in Howard County received registered letters dated Feb. 14, 2013, from the wind farm lawyers, Bingham, Greenebaum, and Doll.

Probably, the author of the earlier article didn’t receive the same letter because she won’t be living in the footprint of a wind farm. She is just a leaseholder living outside of Tipton County.

Assumptions by leaseholders can be misleading and dangerous, especially when facts are distorted or concrete evidence is lacking. Opponents and the public are not naive. Non-leaseholders are opposed to the placement of 500-foot-tall industrial wind turbines next to people. These people come from all socioeconomic classes, including doctors, nurses, medical support personnel, professors, engineers, accountants, teachers, lawyers, librarians, farmers, small-business owners, skilled trades and stay-at-home mothers and fathers. They just want protection of health, safety, environment and property values.

Green energy is fine, but don’t place turbines next to people and don’t believe the propaganda from biased leaseholders. It has been proven time and time again that any wind project going to the ballot box would be denied because “those who profit are few, and those who suffer are many.” Get the facts!

Darrell Pennycoff


Tipton officials not representing us

At the comprehensive plan meeting the other night, I sat and listened to all the people talk on issues that face our county. I was truly surprised at meeting’s end, when Mr. Orr stood up and told the people of Tipton County they had no business telling the members of the planning board what should or should not be in the comprehensive plan!

I am sorry you feel that way, Mr. Orr, because that is the exact purpose for the meeting. These people are placed in these positions by us and to do our bidding. You sound like some of the other elected officials around here, who feel they are the ultimate authority and tell people not ask or try to represent them.

By the way, as I sat there I listened to all the members and, to my surprise again, not one of them disagreed that participation in the last seven months of county meetings has been overwhelmingly filled by members of the Tipton County Citizens for Responsible Development.

I now see a lot of the letters I have been reading in the paper seem to be true. The majority of the people speaking on county issues seem to be taking a backseat to those who are supposed to be representing them.

If this meeting was a true representation of the many other meetings that have been going on, then I am mad and will spread the word to all my friends to please attend some of these meetings to see for themselves. These people are supposed to be in office to do as we ask. Wow, CRD, I owe you an apology for thinking some of the things I thought before I saw for myself!

Ron Tedford


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