Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

April 13, 2013

April 13, 2013: Cheers & Jeers

In celebration of Jane Trueblood

Marge Scionti Johnson of Kokomo sends this Cheer for Jane Trueblood:

“I met Jane in the late ’70s. She introduced me to the Wildcat Canoe Club. I was taught to paddle and led to the rivers, where together we explored rivers, streams and creeks. We camped, we sang around campfires and went to sleep to the sound of water splashing on the shore.

“Jane had a great love, a passion, for the water, for nature, for being a part of it. She was not one to stand on a bridge, looking down and admiring the water sparkling in the sun. Jane had to be down in it.

“It was the same with digging in the earth, feeling it, smelling it. Never one to just walk through a flower show and admire the blossoms, Jane dug into her garden and brought forth flowers. She had a passion, boundless enthusiasm for her flowers and for the earth.

“Much can be said about the wonder of Jane Trueblood. What is most outstanding to me in Jane was her zest for life, her enthusiasm, her passion for living, her great love of water and earth.

“It is terribly sad that her precious life was cut short so early. But how splendid that, while alive, she truly lived.”

‘Never seen a company like Scott’s’

Beverly J. Bell of Kokomo sends this Cheer for Scott’s Home Health:

“I want to thank everyone at Scott’s Home Health for their kindness and help they have shown to me.

“I worked for 36 years in home health and nursing homes. I have never seen a company like Scott’s Home Health. They are No. 1.

“I have never felt as comfortable as I do with Scott’s. Ashley, Chrissy and Autumn, the aides, and also Tammie are tops. They show they care and are concerned about their clients.

“I have not met any of the office help, but Amy, and Jennifer, the nurse, are also great. When I call the office, they all listen and take time to hear my concerns and questions. I want to thank Shawn and the rest for the very best care I have received. I would tell everybody who needs help to call Scott’s Home Health first of all.

“Thanks, everyone, for your kindness that you show me every day.”

Happy Meals make a happy day

Jeff Newton, executive director of Kokomo Urban Outreach, sends this Cheer for McDonald’s:

“On behalf of the nearly 950 students receiving Buddy Bags in Howard County, I would like to say thank you to McDonald’s for its recent donation. All of the children receiving Buddy Bags were given a certificate for a free Happy Meal.

“The Happy Meal was a real treat for children, many of whom have never been to McDonald’s or any other area restaurant. Not too long ago I was approached by an elementary student who said, ‘I just had the best day of my life. We got to go to McDonald’s. Did you know that you can get refills on your drinks there?! My family had the best time of all that evening.’

“While many of us take things like a Happy Meal for granted, there are some children in our community who had the ‘best day of their life’ because of this generous gift from the Kokomo McDonald’s!”

‘Keep telling it like it is, Mr. Day’

Judy Morris of Kokomo sends this Cheer for Kokomo Tribune columnist Ray Day:

“A Cheer for Ray Day’s article. Thank you, Mr. Ray Day, for a very well written and thought provoking column April 6.

“If we the people of the middle class can understand these problems in our society, then what is wrong with the people we elect to serve in our government? They need to get back to the basics of taking care of our country. The hard-working middle class of this country cannot continue to support all of these other countries.

“Mr. Day has it right. We are feeding and supporting our future enemies, and we have enough needs in our own country. Our elected officials also need to address the problem of welfare and how to get people working instead of expecting and teaching the next generation that the government will take care of them.

“Keep telling it like it is, Mr. Day, and maybe someday someone will listen.”