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June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013: Letters to the editor

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---- — Aren't lessees paid with our tax dollars?

The wind energy controversy has brought about the statement, "You cannot believe what you read on the Internet," the pro-wind supporters' phrase of the year. Most recently the Tipton County Wind Farm Communications Committee stated the Internet is "not a credible source of information."

The committee contacted universities in Indiana and the surrounding states for their extensive studies and conclusions about wind turbines. Does that mean they drove to these universities or contacted them by mail, because they cannot get valid information from the Internet? They could have driven to the Wildcat Wind Farm and gotten the up-to-date information firsthand. There are 49 hand-written complaints, for which no elected official from Tipton County has taken responsibility.

The Communications Committee was impressed by the willingness of these universities to share their research information. Could any of this information have been paid for with money received from wind energy companies? How about tax dollars given to universities? Aren't the wind energy companies subsidized with billions of taxpayer dollars? Aren't these pro-wind farm lessees paid by the wind energy companies with our tax dollars? Who are all these people spending taxpayer dollars they haven't earned? Does every taxpayer have a right to challenge the fact that industrial wind turbines do not belong in populated areas, and have the right to state their reasoning?

The Internet is the encyclopedia for our school children. The farmers guide their implements using Internet-based GPS. Local farmers have Internet websites telling us how to cook the crops they produce. A farmer's subsidy payments are transferred over the Internet to their bank accounts. I'll bet the universities use the Internet daily. So the statement "not a credible source of information" is not really applicable. I think the pro-wind turbine supporters are just trying to say anyone that does not agree with them are liars.

I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but one of the only businesses today that makes money the old-fashioned way is any Internet-associated company. They make a profit without government taxpayer subsidies. If the tax subsidies stopped today, there would be thousands if not millions of businesses that could not exist from money they actually earned. With the absences of subsidized businesses, we might get a company to produce a worthwhile product at a fair price.

The Internet has brought down dictators and exposed wrongdoing everywhere. What credible truths will the Internet divulge about Tipton County?

Russell Turk


Commissioner Cline ought to resign

Mike Cline should resign his elected position as Tipton County commissioner. Cline’s interests are being positioned above those of his constituency. For some unknown reason, Cline believes his title places him above the law.

From tit-for-tat spats with fellow colleagues to sketchy lawn mower deals, this man answers to nobody but himself. This is not the type of person I envisioned as a leader of Tipton County.

Cronyism is in full-blown effect down at the Tipton County Courthouse, and Mike Cline has been leading the charge. How many investigations does it take until Cline realizes his actions are just plain immoral? Cline was elected to embody citizens of Tipton County, but in actuality only represents his own welfare.

I’m starting to wonder if any of the Tipton County decision makers could even plan a picnic. Is it really all that much to ask for the rules to be followed?

John Pope