Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

June 7, 2014

RAY DAY: Would you change?

Kokomo Tribune

---- — As I sit here trying to put some words together, I think back to those wonderful days of my childhood. And I ask myself, if I could, would I change anything?

I can truthfully say right here that I wouldn’t. I would not wish I had been born wealthy and lived in a mansion.

Being able to manage with what little we have is the boat you have to sail on. Being able to feed your family with what you have is a task many go through every day. Having a home that keeps us out of the weather and a place to sleep is a desire most everyone has, but there are still many who live on the street or in cardboard boxes.

People living out of the garbage cans because they are hungry is a fact none of us, regardless of our wealth, should have in any city here in the United States. People are on the bread lines because they have no jobs.

Yet, people in Washington who represent us have insurance policies that are far over and above what we have as families or individuals. Their salaries are very profitable, and they don’t worry about being laid off from work.

In the states, they put forth promotions of new things we as the public don’t need. Some put themselves to shame as they let special interest groups persuade them with ideas that won’t be anything good for the general public. How did we go from the fathers who wrote our Constitution to the ones who sometimes don’t even show up for work and have someone else cast their vote?

No, I wouldn’t want to change anything about the way we were trained, schooled and loved by our parents. But somewhere along the line from there to here we had a turnover of good to bad in the ways our laws are obeyed or changed. Many of the ones we select to be our voices have turned their heads, and who suffers from that?

I can tell you who. All of us, regardless of how nice we live, as our leaders spend money like it belongs to them. And no matter what you or I say, they continue to do so. They don’t care if there are people going hungry or are homeless, because they want to continue collecting from those who really are selling them an empty bag with a hole in the bottom just in case more profit can be gained by that opening.

How can we as the greatest country in the world live with that? How can we turn our backs to those who need us?

Before you close your door to this column, let me say this: There are brothers and sisters all over the world going through life hungry and homeless, mostly because they live under a dictatorship. There is no work and no help from their leaders, and so life for them is one that seems to have no way out. That should not be so there and not so here in America.

Come election time this year and every election day afterward, we need to get our leaders in motion to correct what is wrong. And we need to let each man and woman who wants to be our voice know it is time to wake up or ship out. Let’s start thinking about food for the belly, roof over the heads, and jobs to work so that “hungry” and “homeless” are just a bunch of words for those countries who don’t care about their fellow man.

I wish I were healthy enough to lead others in representing them. But I will just have to take time once in a while to voice my thoughts. That is my American right.

Ray “Uncle Ray” Day is a weekly contributor to the Kokomo Tribune. Contact him at uncleray@earthlink.com.