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September 14, 2013

Mom's home cooking

Kokomo Tribune

---- — I go back in time to when our mother was the chief cook and bottle washer in our home. The things she could do with that cook-stove, in today’s world, would amaze those who never even tried to cook, let alone the ones who do.

Of course, you have to admit, in some homes the cooking is done via pizza delivery or pickup at the fast food places. And there are many who probably could not cook something that was good tasting to their children, and will never see the top of an electric or gas range.

Mom could fry the eggs sunnyside up, and never undercook them. She would flip that egg over one time, for just a second, and onto the plate it went. Bacon or ham would grace that egg, and along side that would be fried mush, just like we liked it.

Mom always made her own mush. She put it in molds to get solid and then fried it until it was light brown in color. Sometimes she would decide to make pancakes with what she already fixed and pour some homemade syrup on them. A little bit of jelly off to the side gave that plate a look of greatness, as we kids would put away all that good food until full.

Most of us kids drank coffee at breakfast, so there would always be a fresh pot brewing on the stove. Mom put egg shells in the coffee, which would settle the grounds down on the bottom.

Just thinking about that makes me hungry. And, wow, could she make good biscuits and gravy.

For dinner, which would always be around noon or a little after, she would have fried potatoes or mashed potatoes, corn on the cob and green beans. The meat of the day would be ham, hamburger or sausage, maybe a pot roast, which was her decision to make.

And there would be pickled beets and good fresh biscuits with lots of butter on them. The drinks would usually be Kool-Aid for us kids and coffee for her and Dad. Mom allowed us to have coffee only with our breakfast meal, as she knew how coffee could get you hypered up.

Boy, I am getting hungrier by the minute here.

When it came time to cook supper for us, it was using the leftovers from dinner and other dishes to add to it, like tators, salad, a big pot of beans that tasted so good. Baked or fried cornbread was served with the pot of beans — seems like there were always beans cooking in our house.

And after these meals, Mom always had the aprons out for us to help clean up the eating tools. Before we went to bed at night, Mom would treat us to popcorn balls or graham crackers with icing on them. Top that off with a glass of lemonade or Kool-Aid, and we went to bed with full bellies ready to get that sleep that all youngsters needed.

One thing to remember was that we were not rich, but we were healthy because of Mom’s cooking and the motherly care that she gave each of us.

Of course, as we grew older, some things got tougher for her, and that is where the training she gave to each of us was put to use. All of us, when we left the nest, were able to cook, sew, iron, wash clothes and live by ourselves.

Mothers are like that. They fulfill the tasks God gave them. We were blessed with having Mom until he called her Home. We sure do miss her, and we talk about her as much as we can. All of you out there probably feel the same way about your mom.

Ray “Uncle Ray” Day is a weekly contributor to the Kokomo Tribune. Contact him at uncleray@earthlink.net.